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The wildest new League of Legends bot lane duo: Sion and Thresh

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube
Modified 02 Jan 2021, 00:06 IST

The League of Legends meta has a new bully bot lane with some fun interactions.

The wild bot lane pairing of Sion and Thresh is storming onto the rift with style and should be at the top of players lists to try if they are looking to have some fun.

Sion is traditionally a top laner, but has always been tried in different positions. If players think back years ago when AP Sion mid was a thing, they'd probably have nightmares about getting one shot.

Why Sion and Thresh work as a duo in League Of Legends

Nowadays Sion has been finding his way into the meta as a pseudo-assassin type champion who builds Prowlers Claw and other lethality items. This build amounts to Sion being able to return his glory days of one shotting poor enemy squishies.

This build isn't without its flaws though. Sion needs to be able to quickly get to these items so he can do tons of damage in the early and mid game. Top lane is currently dominated by tanks who Sion struggles to kill 1v1 early on.

Sion is forced to find his kills elsewhere and early game, bot lane is the easiest place to do so. Alongside a crazy playmaker like Thresh, Sion can rack up early kills on vulnerable bot lane champions.

Thresh has the ability to CC enemy champions for multiple seconds at a time and can even reposition Sion with his W, Dark Passage. Sion has most of his damage packed into his Q, Decimating Smash, so while Thresh hooks and flays someone, Sion can be winding up his Q for a huge burst of damage.


How to play Sion ADC

While Sion can be incredibly powerful once he has his lethality items, players are going to want to avoid going 0/6 in lane. Sion's kit is well put together for him to survive in the bot lane against even double ranged enemies.

Check out the exact AD (Lethality) Build and runes.

Sion and Thresh should definitely be looking for kills whenever possible with their CC heavy kits, but when not killing, Sion needs to be CSing. The safest way to do so is to utilize his E and Q to farm from a safe distance.

Additionally, starting with a Doran's Shield can help alleviate some of the poke a Sion can be sure to take during the early lane phase. Whenever a player finds themselves needing to auto attack to CS, they can utilize Sion's W shield to prevent some damage as well and maintain a decent health total.

A wild combo Sion and Thresh can pull off

One of the most fun combos this duo can pull off is with Thresh's Death Sentence (Q) and Sion's E, Roar of the Slayer. Thresh's hook CCs an enemy whenever it hits them and can be reactivated to drag Thresh towards that enemy. Sion's E releases a line skill shot that, when hitting an enemy minion, causes it to go flying a large distance.


These interactions go together like hot chocolate and winter. If Thresh is attached to an enemy minion and reactivates his Q, Sion can then use his E to send that minion flying. Thresh will continue following that minion until it stops because his Q drags him to the target, not the targets position when he first reactivates his Q.

Now, this interaction alone is fun enough to watch. You can see it here, but the real value is in the engage potential. Most bot lane champions will hide behind their minions in order to avoid getting hooked by Thresh. Now that Sion can turn Thresh into a living missile, avoiding the engage becomes near impossible.

Published 02 Jan 2021, 00:06 IST
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