"They should ban themselves": Twitter tears into Twitch after the platform bans the words "simp", "virgin" and "incel"

Twitch is once again at the center of controversy (Image via
Twitch is once again at the center of controversy (Image via

In light of its revamped harassment policy, Twitch has managed to invoke the ire of the online community by deciding to ban the words "virgin", "simp" and "incel".

The new rules are expected to come into play on the 22nd of January. The usage of any of the three words above will be deemed a violation of Twitch TOS. Apart from using the words, even the use of an emote related to the word "simp" can invite disciplinary action from Twitch.

The glaring issues with Twitch's questionable decision were highlighted by Esports insider Rod "Slasher" Breslau in a Twitter thread:

Many believe that Twitch decided to make this decision after being swamped with several complaints of sexual harassment within its community. The platform had vowed to establish a safer, inclusive environment.

However, it is to be noted that the use of "virgin", "simp" and "incel" have certain exemptions, as a Twitch spokesperson later confirmed that action will only be taken if these terms are used repeatedly to harass someone:

This decision has now invited a wave of criticism online, as streamers are enraged with the fact that Twitch has the time to ban words such as "simp", but is ready to turn a blind eye towards the DMCA nightmare that looms large over every streamer's head.

Many people also believe that Twitch is exhibiting preferential treatment towards men, as several streamers pointed out flaws with their recent decision to clamp down on "simp", "virgin" and "incel", while much more offensive slurs are being hurled around online.

Twitter lashes out at Twitch over "simp" ban

This is not the first time this year that Twitch has ended up on the wrong side of the streaming community.

From handing out questionable bans to grossly mishandling the DMCA situation, 2020 has been a rather forgettable one for those making decisions over at Twitch.

Recently, Twitch updated its hateful conduct and harassment policy under the objective of curbing sexual harassment.

From taking action against anyone who makes derogatory statements about a person's perceived sexual practices to enforcing bans against the usage of sexually-focused terms, many believed that Twitch was finally trying to make amends for missing the mark several times this year.

However, it looks like the decision to ban "simp", "virgin" and "incel" couldn't have come at a worse time.

With streamers incensed at DMCA threatening their very source of livelihood, Twitch ended up bearing the brunt of an enraged online community yet again.

Check out some of the responses online, as the online community slammed Twitch for its questionable decisions:

From being labeled a "joke" to an "embarrassment", it seems like Twitch continues to find itself teetering on the edge of disaster.

With a conspicuous grey area existing over the platform's decision to focus on banning words such as "simp" rather than address more pressing issues such as the DMCA fiasco, it looks like 2020 can certainly get a lot worse for the Twitch management.

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