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Top 10 Best CS:GO Players ever

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#1 Marcelo "Coldzera" David

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Was there any doubt? The Man, The Myth, The Beast. Coldzera is the best player to ever grace the game. Period. Coldzera was signed to Luminosity Gaming by team captain Gabriel 'Fallen' Toledo in mid-2015. Known for his explosive fragging power and aim Cold is nearly unmatched in consistency. He was born in October 31st, 1994 in Brazil and started playing in the local scene at the age of 19.

Coldzera was a huge name in the Brazillian CSGO scene. He was even considered one of Brazil's brightest talents. His reputation didn't go unnoticed as when Fallen's Luminosity Gaming lacked a player he turned to Cold. After signing with Luminosity, Coldzera started to prove to the world what the hype was about. He started slaughtering his opponents left and right with ease in any game he played. Such was his impact, Luminosity went from being a Mid tier team to the best team in the world in the span of 3 months. Cold came to his element once 2016 started as he won two back to back Majors. He got the MVP of the tournament both in MLG Columbus 2016 and ESL One Cologne 2016.

Apart from being one of the best ever, Coldzera is perhaps the most consistent player ever. In his 3 year plus career he has never suffered a drop in form. He has always been that top fragging beast for his team. Coldzera has also won a record number of tournament MVPs. He made his debut on HLTV's Top 20 list in 2016 at #1. He held his place in 2017 as well and remains the second player to do so. He has an $808,000 collection in prize money. His team moved to Immortals playing under the banner of Made in Brazil in mid 2018 and will go into the London Major this way.

After several downs over the past few months, MiBR has finally found a stable team. They will look to reclaim their glory days by winning the London 2018 Major. A feat they are well capable of.

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