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Top 10 CS:GO Line-Ups of all time

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Cloud 9's core which became the first ever NA team to win a Major

First things first, by Line-Up I do NOT mean organisations. For example: "Astralis" is an Organisation. Device, Dupreeh, Xyp9x, Glaive and Magisk, the 5 men playing for the team is their Line-Up. The Organisation coupled with their Line-Up makes a CS: GO Team.

Over the years we have seen some explosive CS: GO teams who dominated the global scene for a modest period of time while sometimes we have seen cores which have amazing durability.

Lasting for years and years outlasting several top teams while maintaining their spot on the top. Sometimes it takes several roster changes and a very shaky beginning to elevate a roster into stardom.

Let's take a look at the Top 10 CS: GO cores of all time ever since the game's inception in 2012.

Honorable Mentions:

1. Cloud 9 (August 2017 - January 2018): After signing Tarik and RUSH to add to their line up of Autimatic, Stewie2k and Skadoodle Cloud 9 found their winning combo. Managing 8 Top 8 finishes out of 14 tournaments including a victory at the E-League Atlanta Major 2018 which has garnered legendary status, Cloud 9 brought NA CS into the center stage of the CSGO world. However, their line-up soon broke up with Stewie2k and Tarik leaving to join MiBr and they haven't been able to recover ever since.

2. (July 2014 - December 2014): Created during the peak of the "French Shuffles", LDLC managed to create a team of French superstars with Smithzz, Shox, NBK, Happy and Kioshima. With this very highly experienced and talented line-up, the team set the Pro scene on fire. Finishing out of the Top 2 in only 2 of 8 tournaments and managing top 4 finishes in every single one, LDLC were the only competitors that provided a challenge to the Swedish powerhouses during that era. They cemented their legacy with a victory at the Dreamhack Winter 2014 Major.

3. Astralis (December 2016 to July 2017): The only reason Astralis' major winning team isn't on this list is that the team already has two entries. But from late 2016 to Mid 2017, Astralis seemed like they were reborn. Signing Kjaerbye and Glaive to their core of Device, Dupreeh and Xyp9x, Astralis won the E-League Major 2017 and also a couple Premier Tournaments. They had several top 4 finished, but that was common for the Danish powerhouses at that time.

#10 Faze (October 2017 - Present)

Faze clan started in CSGO by signing the former roster of G2 Esports.
Faze clan started in CSGO by signing the former roster of G2 Esports

Faze clan started in CSGO by signing the former roster of G2 Esports. They remained one of the mid-tier teams until they started the trend of creating 'Super Teams'. Currently with five players from as many countries, the team of Karrigan, Niko, Rain, Guardian and Olofmeister is perhaps the most star-studded team in CSGO today. The team gained momentum during Brazilian super team SK Gaming's downfall. They were naturally earmarked as the next big thing, and rightfully so.


With their new line-up, Olofmeister's first appearance came at ESL One New York which Faze convincingly won. it was followed by another victory at E-League Premier 2017. Their form dipped a little bit as the team got a string of second place finishes. But then they won the ECS Season 4 just before the Major. At the E-League Boston Major,

They have participated in 15 premier/major tournaments thus far, without missing a single premier or major tournament in almost a whole year. They have won five tournaments. They finished second in four including the E-League Boston Major and managed top four in four more, failing to do so in only two tournaments.

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