Top 5 most broken carry heroes in Dota 2 after update 7.29 

The 7.29 patch saw a lot of gameplay changes (Image via Valve)
The 7.29 patch saw a lot of gameplay changes (Image via Valve)
Chitrak Mukherjee

Dota 2 new broken carries

Dota 2 has an ever-changing meta, and after every update, the meta keeps on changing, and certain heroes keep coming and going off meta.

In the following article, we shall discuss about the strongest carry heroes in patch 7.29 of Dota 2.

#1 Huskar


Huskar is the hero with the highest winrate in pub matches at this point with an insane 56% winrate.

This is mostly due to the fact that Huskar has a broken Aghanim's Shard where Huskar's first skill, Inner Fire does 310 AoE damage, grants a 1 second knockback, 4 second disarm, 40% movement speed slow, 50% heal reduction, 50% uptime,0 cast point. Most importantly, it is castable while disabled, which is unique in the game of Dota 2.

Huskar's bread and butter item, the Armlet of Mordiggian, has also been buffed for more armor and less hp consumed per second.

Everything about this hero is extremely good in this patch of Dota 2 with him receiving a buff in strength gain increase, agility game increase, and another of his core item, Satanic also being buffed.

#2 Phantom Lancer


Azwraith, the Phantom Lancer, is currently the hero with the second most winrate in the recent pub matches of Dota 2.

The primary reason for him being so overpowered is mainly because of the buff that PL's core item, Diffusal Blade, received, in the form of Manabreak damage per mana burned being increased from 80% to 100% and agility and intelligence gain being increased which makes PL one of the strongest Dota 2 heroes.

Phantom Lancer also has an excellent Aghanim's Shard talent, which enables him to cast Spirit Lance with a -3s cooldown, increases the damage which basically means PL can have 4 high damage illusions killing the supports, without the main hero even entering the fight.

#3 Spectre


Spectre has always been the most feared late game carry in the game of Dota 2. The recent patch note reducing the cost of blade mail, thus enabling her to farm faster has brought her back into the meta of Dota 2.

The single target damage abilty of Spectre, Desolate, receieved a damage buff making Spectre one of the most dangerous solo killer of the game of Dota 2.

#4 Ursa


Ursa used to be the only carry that could solo kill Roshan in under 15 minutes. Now Huskar has joined the list, but what makes Ursa one of the most frightening mid-to-late game carries in the game of Dota 2 is his Aghanim's Shard upgrade. It now causes Earthshock to apply a 1.5 second Enrage buff to Ursa and reduces cooldown by 2 seconds.

Just imagine a big red bear coming at you which shall delete you in 3-4 hits whilst shouting. Absolutely terrifying.

#5 Sven


Nothing has really changed on Sven, except for the fact that on top of the dispel, Sven's Aghanim's Shard now reduces the cooldown of Storm Hammer (his stun) by 4 seconds. If Sven has a relatively easy lane, he can pick up his farm, with his passive Great Cleave ability, and his usual farming item, the recently buffed Mask of Madness, which can later on be built into a Satanic and Bloodthorn, which are two of the strongest items in Dota 2 right now.

Special Mention

Wraith King with his passive critical hit chance, Io with its orbs (more relevant since Ana is back) and heroes like Anti-Mage and Terrorblade who neverleave thef meta of Dota 2.

Edited by Gautham Balaji


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