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5 insane donations streamers received on stream

Image via YouTube (MrBeast)
Image via YouTube (MrBeast)
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 12 Feb 2021

Donations are streamers' earnings made while showcasing their content. The audience leaves a donation as a token of appreciation. While individual donations are usually modest, there have been times when streamers have been surprised after receiving huge sums of money.

This article discusses the five times streamers were surprised by a large donation.

Top 5 insane donations on stream

#1 Thang Phan

Thang "Space Lyon" Phan is a streamer who streams Valorant. In 2018, when he was a Fortnite player, he received a $30,000 donation from Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson. This left the streamer in tears. Later, he went on to play a game of Fortnite with MrBeast.

#2 Exotic Chaotic

Exotic Chaotic is another streamer who used to stream Fortnite. In 2019, while in a game of Fortnite, the streamer received a donation of $75,000 from one of his subscribers. Although he streams a lot of Valorant currently, the donation did give his channel a good boost. Initially, the streamer thought the donation to be a prank. But later verifying its authenticity was overrun with excitement.


#3 Tyler "Ninja" Belvins

In 2018, famous streamer Ninja was doing a charity stream for St. Judes - a non-profit charity for cancer research. MrBeast hopped on to the stream and donated $50,000. However, through his donations he made sure that Ninja wouldn't be able to win the game. The entire episode can be seen in the video above.

#4 Jack "CourRageJD" Dunlop

This is another one of MrBeast's donations. But this time Simon Edward Minter "miniminter" joined him on his donation spree. They had $100,000 to donate and held a fun competition.


The first person they would donate to would contest for $10,000 provided they won a game in Fortnite. If they lost, the amount would get carried over. This amount went up, and they ended up donating $70,000 to CourageJD who won the game. They donated the remaining $30,000 to the streamers who had previously lost.

#5 Benjamin "DrLupo" Lupo

Twitch users donated $1,000,000 to DrLupo, who was conducting a charity stream to support cancer research. This is probably the largest donation accumulated on the platform.

Published 12 Feb 2021, 15:15 IST
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