Top 5 most popular mobile battle royale games in March 2022

The most popular mobile battle royale games (Image via Sportskeeda)
The most popular mobile battle royale games (Image via Sportskeeda)

A few years back, PC titles were known to provide a high-octane battle royale shooting experience, and games like Clash of Clans, Subway Surfers, Angry Birds, and more were rocking the mobile gaming market globally. However, with the rise of titles like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, the scenario has changed for good.

The esports scene in mobile gaming has been on the rise due to the frequent global tournaments that respective developers organize for Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. The success of both games and sensations created around the battle royale genre has also led to the launch of several other BR shooters for smartphones.

Readers should not skip the following section if they want to know more about the popular battle royale games.

Note: Fortnite has been excluded from the list as it boasts a higher PC and console gaming userbase. This list is not in any particular order and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Listing most famous battle royale shooters available for iOS and Android

1) Rules of Survival



Many consider Rules of Survival (ROS) one of the BR genre's pioneering games on mobile platforms. The 300-player BR shooter was launched globally in 2018 after being in the beta phase since 2017.

The game boasts over 280 million users worldwide across different platforms. Recently, NetEase Games rolled out a 2.0 update for its most popular BR shooter that aimed to bring a revamped version.

2) PUBG: New State



PUBG is quite a popular franchise that somewhat defined the battle royale genre for mobile games. PUBG: New State is the latest venture from South Korean game developers and publishers Krafton.

PUBG: New State was launched to provide a futuristic shooter gaming experience. Initially, the game received negative word of mouth due to a buggy experience. However, the developers later improved it with subsequent updates.

The game currently has over 10 million installs in the Google Play Store, which is commendable considering its November 2021 release.

3) COD: Mobile



COD: Mobile boasts probably the most remarkable legacy among the games on this list in terms of popularity. It is a mobile game adaptation of the most followed FPS franchise globally, i.e., Call of Duty.

The game flaunts both quantity and quality when it comes to in-game features. COD: Mobile features famous characters, modes, weapons, perks, maps, and more from other renowned Call of Duty titles.

Although the game doesn't have a massive fan following relative to other games on this list (owing to its higher-end requirements), it has succeeded in maintaining a staggering player count over time.

Developers have also organized many esports competitions for COD: Mobile to enhance its mass appeal.

4) PUBG Mobile (including BGMI and other regional variants)



PUBG Mobile was among the initial battle royale games that sensationalized the genre. PUBG Mobile provided intense gaming action that was largely missing from most earlier mobile games.

Over time, the game faced many barriers in bans and blocks in different countries. However, developers have launched specific servers and variants (like BGMI) to ensure the growth of the title keeps on going.

The Krafton-backed mobile version of Battlegrounds belongs to the PUBG universe, like New State.

5) Free Fire



For a long time, Garena Free Fire has been one of the most popular battle royale games alongside PUBG Mobile. The game caters to low-end smartphone users due to its lower resource requirements.

Free Fire has been successful in penetrating the masses with its fun-based gameplay. The game boasts many unique features that include RPG-like elements (with over 35 character abilities).

In the second half of 2021, Garena launched an enhanced variant of their flagship battle royale game, Free Fire MAX. The MAX variant has also succeeded in amassing a staggering user base.

Players who want a gameplay experience like Free Fire with better graphics quality and game physics can try the MAX variant.

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