Top 5 Scariest moments caught on Twitch TV

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Twitch TV has been home to a lot of random and wacky content over the years. While some of them were outright silly, and the most cringe-inducing moments caught on tape, others were quite successful in sending shivers down the spine of those watching.

And by saying shivers, we are actually alluding to some of the scariest moments that were caught live on Twitch TV.

The top 5 list that we have today, consists of some of the most extreme moments in human experience, which one wouldn’t believe to be valid unless they were caught and recorded.

1. The Reckful Stalking incident


About three years ago, Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein was walking through the streets of Japan late at night, and he was being followed.

Being followed by someone or even having the feeling that someone is on your trail, is perhaps one of the most uncomfortable situations in life. And Twitch TV had a front-row seat to this experience, as Reckful’s phone was live streaming while he was being followed.

It was later found that the stalker was one of his fans and wanted to freak him out by trailing him.

2. Sajedene and the burglar incident


Unless you have a CCTV camera installed in every corner of your house, a home invasion by a burglar is one of the rarest things to catch on tape.

So when Nikki ‘Sajedene’ Elise and her boyfriend became victims of a home invasion during a DOTA 2 Twitch stream, her fans were witness to an incredibly unique experience.

While streaming her game on Twitch, Sajedene heard a noise from another part of the house, where a burglar broke in, and with whom she actually came face to face.

The video shows a man walking into her bedroom, and actually taking away objects with him. Thankfully, the fans watching called 911 immediately, and 27-year-old Edgardo Martinez was arrested while trying to flee the scene.

3. Lothar’s and the Seizure incident during a Hearthstone stream


This incident from 4 years ago during a Hearthstone Twitch stream is quite disturbing as it makes viewers come face to face with a situation that life can actually throw at them.

On the 6th of January 2016, G2 Jakub ‘Lothar’ Szygulski was right in the middle of streaming a Hearthstone game when his body started to convulse.

He was having an epileptic attack, which blurred his vision and made him have hallucinations. Thankfully, his wife walked into the room and called the ambulance. Jakub was fine afterwards and is yet to have any severe seizure attacks.

4. Rubzy and the poltergeist incident


To those who are a big fan of the paranormal Activity movies, you are going to love this one.

Before transitioning into hip hop music, Rubzy was quite popular as a video game streamer, and his popularity kind of went through the roof, when he had a face to face encounter with a poltergeist activity that got caught on Twitch TV.

While he was having a 2-hour long stream session on Twitch, the door behind Rubzy suddenly opened and shut itself, and it didn’t look like there was anyone behind it.

5. Cohen77 and the burglary incident


Much like Sajedene, the Brazilian streamer Cohen77 too had a run-in with burglars while he was streaming live on Twitch TV. However, he wasn’t as lucky as her, and the burglars did achieve what they set out to, after holding him at gunpoint.

The stream shows how two armed men broke into his house and pointed a gun to his head. They then led him away from the camera, but thankfully they did not use the weapon on him, and Cohen77 streams to this day.

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