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Top 5 "Slayers" in the professional COD Mobile Indian circuit

Image Via Activision
Image Via Activision
Modified 08 Apr 2021

The professional COD Mobile circuit in India is full of talented young players. Some of them can be categorized as the best Slayers in the game.

A Slayer's objective is to take down every opponent that crosses its path without getting killed.

A Slayer is the backbone of the team. He needs to be on point with his reflexes, aim, and game sense. They have the ability to change the fortunes of a game at any moment.

Top 5 "Slayers" from the COD Mobile Indian Circuit

#1 - PreVail

Gaurang Palav, aka Prevail, is one of the best professional COD Mobile players from India. He currently plays for Team GodLike and is undoubtedly one of the top 5 Slayers in the community.


#2 - TrunKs

Rishi Dubey, aka TrunKs, is a COD Mobile player currently playing for Team IND. He has also represented Team Mayhem and Insidious Org.

TrunKs is one of the finest Slayers in the Indian COD Mobile community.

#3 - VegaZ

Another player from Team IND, Anirudh Vhavle, also known as VegaZ, is one of the best Slayers in the COD Mobile competitive scenario. He has also represented Team Mayhem and0 Aesthetic X.

VegaZ is extremely quick with his movements. His sharp aim and reflexes keep him one step ahead of the enemy.

#4 - 3rB Squad WatchTime


3rB Squad WatchTime is one of the most talented COD Mobile players. 3rB is a team from Saudi Arabia, and Mohammed Alshammari, aka WatchTime, is one of the squad's key members.

WatchTime is highly efficient, and he fulfills the Slayer role for his team quite comfortably. There are very few players that can match his efficiency in this role.

#5 - Argon

Akshan Madhani, aka Argon, is currently one of the best COD Mobile players in India. He recently joined Team Vitality.

Argon prefers to play as the assaulter of the team. He is highly capable as a Slayer as well.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the author.

Published 08 Apr 2021, 21:09 IST
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