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Top 5 super rare Fortnite Skins in Chapter 2

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Published Jan 15, 2020
Jan 15, 2020 IST

'Fortnite skins

From cool color schemes to funky add-ons, Fortnite in-game skins are a combination of it all. 

Having skins doesn't only make the game feel fresh for the person playing it but also can act as your very own personal identity in-game. With that being said, there are some skins that are more unique and rare than the others. We have compiled a list of five Fortnite skins which are currently rare in Season 1 of Chapter 2.

The parameters that we have used to compile the list are based on how often the skins show up in the item shop, whether or not many people use the skin in-game and finally based on well styled they are.

Note: To maintain exclusivity, this list only features skins that are available within the in-game item shop. Battle pass and other free skins are not included within the list.

#5 Wukong

''Wukong'' - Credit: EpicGames.

The skin was first made available during the Lunar new year which is also the Chinese new year. The theme of the skin reflects 'The Monkey King' who is a warrior king in Chinese mythology. 

The color scheme for the skins works around with nice red and golden colors which are very dominant in the Chinese culture (think dragons). The skin sits at around 2000 vBucks and comes with back bling which are royal flags of the king.

In a nutshell, if you are a fan of the Chinese skins or skins that are themed around them this would make for a perfect fit for you.

#4 Brilliant Striker

''Brilliant Striker' - Credit: EpicGames

A female skin that uses the same character as Shadow ops however, with a different outfit. The color combination used in the skin will certainly make you hop on to buy it if you prefer minimalist skins. Sly maroon in a tight outfit along with a hint of black and gloss in certain areas of the skin all set it out from many others.

The item falls into the rare category making it available for 1200 vBucks. Like most skins in the category, Brilliant striker comes without any back bling. 

#3 Die-Cast

''Die Cast" - Credit:EpicGames

The Diecast skin is essentially made up of metal and has a silver glow all over with yellow glowing eyes. Introduced into Fortnite during the Omega vs Carbide Saga, Die-cast is an android who cloned himself to form the 'evil' army to fight alongside Omega. It goes without saying it is a great collection to have for your Fortnite locker. 

The skin is a blue rarity that puts its price at 1200 vBucks. Other than how the skin looks, its popularity has increased within the community due to how rare it has become. The skin was last available in November 2018 and not many people have bought the skin.

#2 Maximilian

"Maximilian" - Credit: EpicGames
"Maximilian" - Credit: EpicGames

Maxie is an excellent skin that sells for only 1200 vBucks being of the blue rarity. The skin is pilot themed who is dressed up in a brown aviator suit along with a cool looking silver aviator helmet. The helmet and the character used for the skin are what sets this skin apart from the others. 

There is another extremely rare skin in Fortnite known as the 'Aerial Assualt trooper' and Maxie is one of the only skins that comes even close to something similar to it.

The skin was last available in the item shop in March 2019 which will touch the one year mark in 2 months time, making this one of the rarest skins in Fortnite. There weren't a lot of folks who bought the skin at the time of its release which will make it one of it's kind and a must-have in your Fortnite lockers.

#1 Sash Seargent

"Sash Seargent" - Credit: EpicGames
"Sash Seargent" - Credit: EpicGames

Wild by nature and popularized by Tfue, the Sash Seargent was last available a year ago and has not been in the shop since, making it one of the rarest skins in Fortnite. The skin is a standard 1200 vBucks skin, a blue rarity. 

The character model is the legendary Jonesy who is rocking a country hat in the model along with a scarf and a solid sheriff's hat. The skin could arguably be one of the rarest skins to have in Chapter 2 season 1 with a great aesthetic value to it as well. 

Since the skin is extremely versatile, most back blings go very well with it, whether it is a cape of shields. The skin is an absolute must-have to complete your Fortnite skin collection. Keep an eye out for the next time it hits the shop!

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