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Top 5 times Twitch streamers forgot to turn off their live stream

Pokimane was one of the few streamers who forgot to turn off their streams (image via Pokimane, Twitch)
Pokimane was one of the few streamers who forgot to turn off their streams (image via Pokimane, Twitch)
Aryan Mehta
Modified 27 Mar 2021

One of the most embarassing things that could happen to a Twitch streamer is leaving their streams on while they go about their business.

While it may boil down to being a simple mistake of misclicking "Stop Streaming," the implications of staying live without knowing it have been heavy for a few Twitch streamers.

Here are five instances where Twitch streamers forgot that they were still broadcasting themselves to the world.

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5 times Twitch streamers left their live streams on

5. Pokimane


Forgetting that she was live, Pokimane bent over on cam to pick up her cat. Upon realising what she had done, Pokimane can be seen covering her face in embarrasment, having instantly realised what happened. Pointing the camera out to her friends, all of whom seemed oblivious to the fact, Pokimane laughed the incident off and logged off her stream.

4. Snoop Dogg

During a Madden NFL stream, Snoop Dogg rage-quit 15 minutes into the game and forgot that his stream was on. 8 hours later, the rapper returned to find out that Twitch chat was still active on his channel. This is when he found out that he had forgotten to turn off the stream when he walked off earlier.


3. Ninja

(Timestamp 6:08)

In a clip that isn't easy to find online, Ninja can be seen interacting with his wife and a friend who are unaware that he is live on Twitch. What ensued came as a shock to everyone, as Ninja got spanked on his back by both women, leading to all of his chat facing second-hand embarrasment.

2. T-Pain

T-Pain casually walks off without knowing he
T-Pain casually walks off without knowing he's still live

Rapper and musician T-Pain was caught loitering and working live on stream, oblivious to the fact that he was streaming on Twitch. At the end of a long broadcast of himself going about doing mundane tasks, he was contacted by a friend, after which he promptly turned off his stream.

1. Nadexe

Nadexe probably faced the most embarrasment for his faux-pas
Nadexe probably faced the most embarrasment for his faux-pas

Twitch streamer Nadexe managed to scandalize his entire viewership when he forgot to turn his stream off. The streamer can be seen walking off camera, only for his chat to hear what can only be described as "intimate moments" that he shared with his partner. Following the incident, Nadexe was permanently banned from Twitch.

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Published 27 Mar 2021, 21:29 IST
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