Top 5 Video Game Moments of this Generation

  • From Arthur's last ride in RDR 2 to Rachel burning half of Arcadia Bay in LIS: Before the Storm, here are top 5 gaming moments.
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Modified 31 May 2019, 18:58 IST

What remains of Edith Finch
What remains of Edith Finch

Video games are one of the most expressive media of art in the modern day. They capture our heart and soul with their artistic designs, soulful soundtrack, characters that we grow to love and relate to. This generation of Video games has seen many such incredible games that are the pinnacle of artistic expression. And so as we fare goodbye to this six years of yet another bunch of incredible video games, here are top 5 gaming moments that blew our minds.

Keep in mind though these are still very much of personal opinion.


#5. Mountain Pass Scene in "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt":-

"Shit, The mountain pass looks as beautiful as ever."

Few games try to capture our earnest attention since the very beginning. Especially something like an open world game which tends to start slow. Witcher 3 is completely opposite of it.

Even today Witcher 3 is considered one of the best role-playing game ever made and one can't argue with it. What really draws one into this world is the mountain pass scene at the very beginning of the game.

What's even more surprising is this incredible mesmerizing moment is completely optional and many of us might also have missed it on their first playthrough.

As Geralt walks out into the balcony of Kaer Morhen castle, that soothing Kaer Morhen flute music playing in the background sends our senses to sleep as we suddenly witness the most astounding scene of the game, our eyes suddenly wide open.

The mountain pass of Kaer Morhen, which is actually a symbolic representation of how big the scope of this game is. Geralt himself comments that Mountain pass looks as beautiful as ever, meaning that the game is not just big but also beautiful in a way an open world game should be. The incredible draw distance, the visual fediletly of the game which further reflectes that Witcher 3 is truely a next generation title.

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Published 31 May 2019, 18:58 IST
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