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Top five survival horror games to play this Halloween

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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:53 IST

Dead Space.
Dead Space.

With Autumn comes swirling along cold dark evenings which makes for the perfect environment to get spooked alone or with a bunch of raucous friends.

As Halloween is around the corner and not everyone is going for candy hunting mind you, its the perfect time to cleanse off the dust settled on those classics that have been long forgotten or pick up those new titles on sales which you missed out on early this generation.

Nevertheless, here is the list of top five horror games you should try this Halloween weekend to enhance the trick-or-treat atmosphere to unprecedented heights. Try not to scream though.

#5. Dead Space

Dead Space.
Dead Space.

Platforms-PC, Xbox 360, PS3

Back when EA actually cared about its fanbase, back when Visceral Games was alive and breathing, Dead Space saw the day of light.

Released way back in 2008, Dead Space is a third-person survival horror game set in a mining spaceship, which features Isaac Clarke-an engineer as your main protagonist

Isaac is the last survivor on that alien-infested spaceship in which these alien species are converting all the corpses into necromorphs.

Dismemberment mechanics plays a huge role in combat where the players can shoot the different parts of the enemies such as limbs or different parts of the bodies. Unlike in the traditional zombie games where a well timed headshot does the trick, the enemies in Dead Space needs to be dealt more tactfully.


The game features a variety of weapons such as flamethrowers, automatic rifles, rotary saw etc. Like in most survival horror games, the ammunition is scarce and players must make every shot count. The game also lets you upgrade Isaac's suit and weapons.

The game's plot follows Isaac-a system engineer who along with his team has been sent on a rescue mission to the spaceship called USG Ishimura which had gone completely silent. The ship has been completely taken over by the Necromorphs and Isaac's job is to escape from this terrifying place.

Dead Space has a Metacritic score of 89/100.

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Published 30 Oct 2019, 19:11 IST
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