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Treyarch confident Call Of Duty fans will take to Black Ops III

Treyarch confident Call Of Duty fans will take to Black Ops III

News 06 Aug 2015, 11:57 IST
The poster of the upcoming Call Of Duty Black Ops III

Treyarch are hard at work putting the finishing touches on the wildly anticipated Call Of Duty Black Ops III, and the developer is confident that the gamers who loved the highly popular Call Of Duty Black Ops II will have no problem in taking to the next part in the series.

In a recent interview with Examiner, Treyarch Multiplayer director, Dan Bunting was quoted as saying:  “I think fans will recognize that it is a Treyarch game and it comes from the Black Ops lineage. We want people to know that if you liked Black Ops 2 you’re going to love Black Ops 3

Black Ops II is still highly rated rated by gamers despite releasing nearly three years ago, and is still played by 11 million gamers every month, according to Activision’s quaterly financial report.

Black Ops III is set in the year 2040 and will see humans and machines merge as one, which will also be integrated into the multiplayer feature.

Black Ops III will release to the world on November 6th across all platforms, with beta versions out later this month.

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