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Trisha Paytas calls out Keemstar for interviewing Gabbie Hanna, says her life is at risk

Trisha Paytas is enraged at both Keemstar and Gabbie Hanna
Trisha Paytas is enraged at both Keemstar and Gabbie Hanna
Modified 12 Sep 2020

The host of #DramaAlert, Daniel "Keemstar" Keem, may be a popular online personality but he also has a strong proclivity towards controversy.

He recently invited controversial internet personality Gabbie Hanna for an interview, where she spoke about her beef with YouTuber and webcam model, Trisha Paytas.

The two have been involved in a long-standing feud which stems back to 2019, and Paytas had even considered getting a restraining order against Gabbie Hanna.

The situation turned ugly pretty fast as once the interview concluded, Trisha Paytas went on a rant on Twitter, where she criticised Keemstar and did not mince words in verbally attacking Gabbie Hanna:

What followed was a convoluted Twitter battle as the duo exchanged jibes in a no-holds-barred mud-slinging fest.

Keemstar Vs Trisha Paytas ft. Gabbie Hanna


Keemstar's decision to discuss their feud did not go down well with Trisha Paytas, who went on a lengthy rant on Twitter.

Keemstar is not one to back down from drama as he fought tooth and nail to establish his views as superior to those of Paytas'. According to the latter, she fears for her life as she insinuates that Gabbie Hanna poses a serious threat and could break into her house.

Trisha presented her point of view through the series of tweets below:


She can be heard saying:

"You know why you're mad, cause it's something that's going to be on your conscience f****** fat gnome! You enabling people, stirring up drama, instigating shit is how people die.. If I die, blame Keemstar!"

In response, Keemstar shot back with the following comments:


In the videos above, he directly addresses Trisha and accuses her of lying:

"Trisha you're on some bullshit right're crossing a goddamn line! You're just saying this dumb shit to harass Gabbie Hanna more ..I'm not on either of your sides in this feud, I will listen to both sides , I'm trying to stay neutral but when you're attacking me over some dumb shit...I don't know, I'm f****** pissed at you, psycho!
"You've been bullying the shit out of Gabbie Hanna, unrightfully so... I've had to step in cause you won't stop harassing her. Leave the girl alone, quit trying to spin this narrative because no one believes you, no one."

He continues to take shots at her through an additional series of tweets:


As their lengthy Twitter feud doesn't seem to be showing signs of slowing down, Keemstar seems to have picked a fight with yet another content creator online.

It now remains to be seen what course this new controversy ends up taking in the days to come.

Published 12 Sep 2020, 19:36 IST
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