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TSM Entity: TSM partners with Entity Gaming; enters PUBG Mobile

  • TSM Entity: TSM ties up with India's premier PUBG Mobile team, Entity.
  • TSM is a professional esports organization and here is everything you need to know about the announcement.
Modified 08 Apr 2020, 19:32 IST

Image credit: TSM India
Image credit: TSM India

TSM(Team Solo Mid), a United States based esports organization, have finally made an official announcement regarding their partnership with Entity Gaming through their social media handles. A statement from both Entity Gaming and TSM was on the cards today, as a recent post from PUBG Mobile India had thrown a hint to the audience about the collaboration.

The PUBG Mobile's post read that the team will be playing in the future tournaments under the name 'TSM Entity' and will be managed in India by Entity Gaming.

Don Kim, Director of Esports Operations at TSM, was excited about their venture into PUBG Mobile and was quoted saying:

“TSM is looking to become a truly global brand with teams of all origins, united by competitive drive and spirit. This opportunity to enter the PUBG mobile scene with the #1 team from India is a massive step for the organization, and we’re very excited to have this chance to reach millions of new gaming fans and take this team to number one in the world”.

Meanwhile the CEO of Entity Gaming Neerav Rukhana said:

“We are deeply grateful to the Indian community which has showered their tremendous love on our players over the months. We understand that we have a responsibility with these levels of achievements, and that is to bring an international trophy home. We believe this partnership will be a monumental step in that direction. Our plans don’t just stop at PUBG Mobile, they will eventually touch other mobile games too.”

Entity Gaming have had lot of domestic and international success when it comes to PUBG Mobile, and is expected that their ties with TSM will only help them go one notch higher. ETG's PUBG Mobile squad have been wildly successful since they became active last year, placing first during the PMCO South Asia Fall Split and 5th at the PMCO Global Fall Split.

They will be featuring in the Pro League 2020 starting from 12th of March in New Delhi. The current roster is as follows:

IGL: Vivek “ClutchGod” Horo

Assaulter: Suraj “Neyooooo” Majumdar

Assaulter: Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral

Support: Abhijeet “GHATAK” Andhare

Support: Abhishek “ZGOD” Choudhary

Published 06 Mar 2020, 20:12 IST
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