Twitch streamer asks her parrot what it thinks of her chat, her reaction will leave you in splits

Image via Maya/ Twitch
Image via Maya/ Twitch
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

In a clip which has gone viral online, Twitch streamer Maya can be seen interacting with her pet parrot, only for the conversation to end up taking a humorous turn.

She can be spotted casually asking her parrot what does she think of her Twitch chat, only for the bird to contemplate for just a bit, as she then proceed towards quietly walking away from the mere mention of her chat.

The sheer timing of her question and the parrot's spontaneous reaction leaves her in splits, as her chat expresses their views on the "street-smart" bird.

Twitch streamer's parrot wins over the internet with her wise decision


Maya Higa is a popular Twitch streamer and wildlife rehabilitator, whose prime focus is on conserving animals and birds. Maya is also a musical artist who has almost 300K followers on Twitch and an additional 63K subscribers on YouTube.

She can often be spotted interacting with animals and birds during her IRL stream. She also interacts with her fans with the Just Chatting Feature on Twitch.

In the gaming department, she can be found trying her hand at games such as Minecraft, along with her boyfriend and fellow Twitch streamer Mizkif.


Her cousin is Ryan Higa, who is one of the most popular YouTubers today. The brother-sister duo are quite popular in the streaming community and have amassed several followers online as a result.

In a clip which went viral online recently, she can be seen asking her pet parrot a question:

"Sydney what do you think about chat? "

On hearing this, the parrot looks at the camera and slowly begins to drift away from the focus, as if it is repulsed by the mere mention of her Twitch chat.

This leaves Maya in splits, who certainly did not expect her parrot to coincidentally reply in that manner.

Moreover, her parrot ended up receiving praise for exhibiting animal wisdom in keeping her distance from the extremities of Twitch chat in today's digital age.

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