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Twitch Streamer stands her ground after two men barge in on live stream shouting racist slurs

Image via JadeyAnh, Twitch
Image via JadeyAnh, Twitch
Rishabh B.
Modified 03 Dec 2020

Vietnamese-German Twitch streamer JadeyAnh recently saw her stream get interfered by two racist men trying to attract attention.

The Twitch streamer was broadcasting one of her visits to a local marketplace with some friends. The group was interreacting with locals when two racist tourists barged in front of her thousands of viewers.

The two men made various racist remarks about Asians. However, the Twitch streamer quickly got angry, and told the two men off rather heroically. One of the men engaged in an argument with her and attempted to explain that their remarks were merely “funny.”

Twitch streamer argues with two racist men who barged in on her live stream

JadeyAnh’s real name is Jade-Anh Ngo and she is a popular IRL streamer who also plays various video games. This includes League of Legends, Overwatch, and The Sims 4. Jade-Anh is popular across multiple social media channels.

On Twitch, she has 212k followers, while on Instagram the streamer has garnered around 363k followers. This is in addition to the 11k odd subscribers that she has managed to gain on YouTube, where she has only posted twice until now.

Regardless, in the video that can be viewed below, Jadey-Anh can be seen talking to a local. The streamer was explaining that she and her friends are all Vietnamese, when the two men barged in on camera.


The two men started making racist remarks, but were immediately met with anger. Jadey-Anh turned around, and went on a rant against them.

“Get off! Why are you saying c***g c***g, its f***ing racist. Yes, it’s f***ing racist, what the f***k is going on? Like what was the point? You could have just said “hi” but you have to say c***g c***g”

In response, one of the men tried to explain to her that what they were saying was merely “funny.”

Image via JadeyAnh, Twitch
Image via JadeyAnh, Twitch

However, the Twitch streamer was helped out by her friend, who both told the man that it was not at all funny, and was in truth, racist of them. However, the two men did not leave before one of them made one final gesture. In response, the streamer was rather straightforward.

“Yeah, get off! Small man.”

Needless to say, not only did she stand up to a random incident of racism, she also made sure that the two men walked away from the area and would stop bothering the group that they were talking to. 

Published 03 Dec 2020, 00:17 IST
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