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Twitch streamer hilariously gets scammed by a girl pretending to be a waitress

Image via Twitch Lulz, YouTube
Image via Twitch Lulz, YouTube
Rishabh B.
Modified 08 Jan 2021, 20:28 IST

Recently, Twitch streamer Jesse “TheRealShookon3” Latham got hilariously scammed by a girl who pretended to be a waiter and took money for his order.

TheRealShookon3 is an IRL Twitch streamer who has, of late, garnered quite a bit of popularity for his streams in which he would share his travel and everyday life experiences with his viewers. He was streaming a solo trip to a bar when he was approached by a woman who pretended to be the waitress.

She asked the Twitch streamer multiple questions about his order, and pretended to calculate his overall bill. The Twitch streamer ended up paying the entire bill to the woman, who promptly walked off.

Twitch streamer gets scammed by girl pretending to be a waitress

In the video that can be seen below, the Twitch streamer in question can be seen sitting in a restaurant alone, when he got approached by the random girl in question. She walked up to the streamer, and asked him whether he needed any more drinks.

When the Twitch streamer refused, she explained that the pub is about to get closed, and that he should pay the bill as soon as he can. The two went on to calculate the overall bill that the streamer had accrued, as she “mistakenly” tried to charge him $600 instead of the $500 that he actually owed.


Regardless, the Twitch streamer pointed out the calculation mistake, and made sure that his bill was brought down to $500. The “waitress” explained that she was mistaken, and said that she had charged the extra $100 by mistake. The Twitch streamer went on to tip the woman, after which he paid the entire bill.

Image via Twitch Lulz, YouTube
Image via Twitch Lulz, YouTube

Minutes later, it was when the real waitress arrived at the streamer’s table that he realized what had happened. The waitress proceeded to ask him whether the “woman who was at her table” was gone. Needless to say, “TheRealShookon3” was actually shaken, as he tried to explain the situation.

“No she said she works here. She don’t work here?”

When the waitress said no, the Twitch streamer ended up bursting into laughter. It was at this moment that he realized what had happened, as the woman in question had managed to hilariously scam him without arousing suspicion at all. 

Published 08 Jan 2021, 20:28 IST
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