Twitch streamer 'Sweet Anita' confesses to dating a 'simp'

Sweet Anita confessed to dating a simp (Image Credits:
Sweet Anita confessed to dating a simp (Image Credits:
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

Sweet Anita is a popular British YouTuber with around 686K subscribers on YouTube and 969K followers on Twitch.

She has Tourette's Syndrome and has often spoken about her condition in her videos, which often result in profanity-laden streams. Despite this, she has a humorous approach towards her condition and has released several videos on YouTube under the name 'Tourette Compilations".

Sweet Anita began streaming on Twitch in 2018 and played Overwatch, along with trying her hand at other games.

You can read more about her story here.

She recently confessed to dating simps in the past and recounted her ordeals.

Sweet Anita's Nerd Simp experience

In the recently posted video, Sweet Anita begins by mentioning her previous dating experiences with simps, which is a colloquial term that is referred to men who are overly submissive to women, in the hope of receiving romantic attention.

She states right in the beginning:

It might sound awesome to have a dude or lady who's like worshipping your feet and over fluffing your ego and buying you new stuff all the time and being super super nice all the time ...but it's not good and it can get toxic pretty fast

She goes on to say that the point of her video is not to denigrate anyone she was associated with but rather to educate and warn viewers about excessive toxicity and fandom. Describing the various types of simps, she goes on to share her own experiences and stories with the same.

She says that her first experience with simps was back in school, when a herd of nerds followed her around and kept gifting her different things. She mistook this for friendship, when in reality all they wanted was to be with her.

She was mortified when she once went over with one of them to his house and found explicit pictures plastered all over the walls. Only 11 at that time, the experience was a wake-up call which made her realise the prevalence of simping.

Sweet Anita and a White Knight Simp

Sweet Anita also speaks about another time when she became involved with a guy who advocated women's rights, as a self-proclaimed White Knight, merely for attention.

Just when she broke up with her then-boyfriend, the guy believed that it was due to him visiting her before this. Even though he was a friend, she states how he believed he was next in line, because of how frequently they spoke. He even went to the extent of cooking her food and deleting photos of her and her ex.

That was not all, as he began to throw tantrums and overly invested himself in her life with an overbearing sense of toxic entitlement, which ultimately ruined their friendship.

The issue with Simping

Sweet Anita ends her videos by giving advice cultivated from her own personal experiences, as to how simping can ruin friendships and complicate matters in the long run.

It’s usually one-sided....And no matter how obvious it is that they’re not interested in you, you keep trying and keep holding out hope… these sorts of behaviors can drive your friends away.

Addressing the need to temper one's attraction, her statements are representative of the fact that there exists a thin line between genuine support and toxic simping. Moreover, in an age where one doesn't think twice before spewing venom, developing a sense of niceness, without any sense of obligation is what will help eradicate toxicity.

When you're lovely to people, please be lovely to them, because you just like being good.

You can watch the video below, where Sweet Anita recalls her experiences with Simps and highlights the negative effects:


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