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Twitch streamer threatens to sue e-girl after she refuses to date him

Image via Lydia Love, YouTube
Image via Lydia Love, YouTube
Rishabh B.
Modified 08 Jan 2021, 01:20 IST

Recently, Twitch streamer/fashion enthusiast Lydia Love posted a video talking about a past situation when a fellow streamer threatened to sue her after she refused to date him.

The original incident dates back to around September 2017, although the streamer only recently posted a video talking about the entire situation in detail. Back around September 2017, when the streamer was only 19, she got talking to another Twitch streamer who she met via Twitter.

Lydia had decided to meet him after exchanging messages over a period of time, but ended up having a rather weird experience. She decided to end the relationship and stop talking to the streamer, who in turn began to send her unnecessary messages and then threatened to sue her.

Twitch streamer threatens to sue e-girl after she refuses to date him, posts video explaining that she took his “virginity”

Back when Lydia was 19, she had met a guy via a tweet, and the two ended up talking quite a bit. The “guy” in question was also a Twitch streamer that she did not reveal the identity of, even during the 14 minute video that she posted on YouTube in mid-December.

After this, she decided to meet the guy, who apparently lived within thirty minutes of driving from her house.


She explained her experience in detail, and said that she found his bed filled with stuffed toys and a hentai doll that she found quite weird. Moreover, the guy in question jokingly addressed Lydia as “mommy,” which further creeped her out.

Lydia explained that she had probably taken the Twitch streamer’s virginity, but was left feeling uncomfortable/embarrassed about the overall situation.

It was after Lydia began to ignore his messages after going back home that her fellow Twitch streamer began to send her inappropriate messages. He got angry when Lydia expressed the fact that she was left feeling uncomfortable, and even threatened to sue her.


This was after Lydia Love had posted some of the messages in which he was threatening litigation on Twitter. The unnamed Twitch streamer did not like it, and said that she will be contacted by his legal team. In response, Lydia Love decided to block the Twitch streamer, which was fortunately the last time she heard from him.

Lydia Love explained that she had started streaming on Twitch as a teenager and has done quite a few “stupid” things that make for good stories. She is a smaller Twitch streamer and currently has only 470 followers on platform. Regardless, the overall situation was grossly uncomfortable, although Lydia was able to get out of it easily enough.

Published 08 Jan 2021, 01:20 IST
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