Twitter goes berserk as Jake Paul challenges Conor McGregor after knocking out Nate Robinson

Jake Paul after knocking out Nate Robinson (Image via USAToday)
Jake Paul after knocking out Nate Robinson (Image via USAToday)

In what could only be labeled "unthinkable," Jake Paul, during the much-awaited fight with NBA star Nate Robinson ended up knocking the 36-year-old with a 3-punch combination, with his final overhand right putting Nate to sleep in a jiffy.

During a press conference post-fight, the YouTuber exclaimed, “I am happy with my fight, but I could have done better.” Jake went ahead and said he would give himself a “6 out of 10” for his performance tonight.

The YouTuber was heavily praised for keeping a humble stance even after a fight that clearly earned him some bragging rights.

Jake Paul promises to spar with McGregor next; the internet labels him a "clown"

Shortly after his flawless victory against Nate, Jake Paul explained that he plans to fight Conor McGregor next.

“There is a long list of opponents that I want, Conor McGregor, Dillion McDanis, I am gonna knock them both out. There is my brother and KSI on the line,” he said.

Readers can watch the full clip here:


The announcement, as many would expect, wasn’t received well throughout the boxing/MMA community, and fans swarmed in thousands to ridicule Jake Paul, while making sure to highlight that McGregor is a "world-class fighter," whereas Nate Robinson is an NBA star with no prior fighting experience.

Twitter was overrun with jokes shortly after Jake Paul announced that he is looking to spar with McGregor, many clowned the controversial YouTuber for being so "detached from reality."

Although most announced that the verdict of a Jake Paul vs Conor McGregor match would clearly end up with Paul in shambles, there were a select few who offered a different outlook on the entire situation.

However, the majority, as one would expect, seemed to side with Conor.

It wasn’t just the fighting community that ended up reacting to Paul’s flawless victory. The Fortnite community that seems to have its hands everywhere was also quick to react with memes on the entire fiasco.

Jake Paul, who is often engulfed with controversies, seems to have now started yet another fire after inviting Conor into a fight. McGregor, however, has not responded to any of his queries. The conclusion of Paul’s potentially serpentine request remains to be unknown.


The 23-year old YouTuber rose to fame from the now-defunct app "Vine" and extended into content creation and gaming shortly after.

Looking back, it's evident that Jake has come a long way and has managed to stay on top of the headlines all along.

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