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Twitter reacts as Twitch bans the use of the N-word

Image via Twitch
Image via Twitch
Modified 20 Dec 2020, 10:23 IST

Twitch tweeted about the N-word ban on the platform following controversy this week, and plenty of users on Twitter had their own opinions.

The use of certain words being banned on Twitch has been a contentious point of debate this week. A new addition to that debate is the use of the N-word on Twitch.

In Twitch's tweet, it was made very clear that any use of the hard R is prohibited and is automatically blocked across Twitch. That includes typing in any chat will likely result in a punishment if said on stream.

Rules start to become different when the N-word with an A is used. That version is potentially allowed in use, but if used within a harassment context, it can result in a potential punishment on the platform.

Twitch releases new context on the use of the N-word

People who typically cover events like this, such as Jake from Esports Talk, replied to the situation among many. Some took the opportunity to make more jokes, and others made their input clear.


The replies to the tweet have several different opinions. Of course, there are many discussing the merit of the word on the platform, such as the tweets above. But users are also comparing rules that have been broken by other streamers who haven't been fully punished in the past.

One of the major points of debate in the replies is over the recent changes of rules on the use of certain words on Twitch. Those words, for the most part, are "Virgin," "Simp," and "Incel."


At first, many called for clarity on why words like the N-word weren't banned on Twitch. Now, the discussion has moved to a comparison of the three words to the N-word.

There is a lot of confusion and frustration over the banned use of words like "simp" on the Twitch platform. While the new harassment policy does outline those words, it doesn't mean they are necessarily banned on Twitch.

Many people have come to that conclusion based on headlines and recent talk. However, those words are still allowed on the Twitch platform and aren't necessarily banned.

The new policy changes are based more on harassment rather than banning of words entirely.


So, the real changes mean using the words in a demeaning way may lead to a punishment on the platform. For the most part, using the words are likely still okay under normal use.

Published 20 Dec 2020, 10:23 IST
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