Twitter responds with memes as James Corden receives a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor

James Corden is officially a Golden Globes Nominee for Best Actor
James Corden is officially a Golden Globes Nominee for Best Actor
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

The nominations for the 2021 Golden Globe Awards are officially out. One particular nomination of British comedian, television host, and actor James Corden is causing a major uproar online.

Corden recently became the subject of hilarious memes online after receiving a nomination for Best Actor-Comedy or Musical at the Golden Globe Awards 2021.

The 42-year old host of The Late Late Show with James Corden received the nomination for his performance in Ryan Murphy's Broadway musical "The Prom."

Featuring alongside accomplished actors such as Dev Patel, Sacha Baron Cohen, Andy Samberg, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, Corden's surprise nomination led to a few raised eyebrows.

Moreover, the Golden Globe's decision to nominate Corden over the veteran Meryl Streep in the acting category came as a shock to many.

As a result of this unexpected nomination, Twitter was abuzz with many memes and reactions, ranging from humor to shock.

James Corden receives a Golden Globe nomination, and Twitter is not happy


Corden starred alongside Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Keegan-Michael Kay, Kerry Washington, and more.

His portrayal of a gay character was not exactly well-received, as his performance was slammed for being grossly stereotypical and aggressively flamboyant.

Corden's on-screen portrayal of Barry Glickman, a narcissistic and egoistic Broadway actor, was deemed a step backward for the LGBTQ community as it triggered a whole new debate regarding whether straight actors should play LGBTQ roles.

Moreover, the decision to snub the veteran Streep touched a raw nerve with film lovers, as they took to Twitter to express disappointment over Corden's nomination.

With dissent continuing to mount online, it looks like there seems to be no immediate end to the large influx of memes on Twitter.

Irrespective of whether he wins, it seems like Corden's Golden Globes nomination will be talked about for weeks to come.

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