Twitter users want to cancel Jschlatt for the weirdest reasons

Jschlatt has been at the receiving end of absurd calls for his cancellation (image via Jschlatt Twitter)
Jschlatt has been at the receiving end of absurd calls for his cancellation (image via Jschlatt Twitter)
Aryan Mehta

American YouTuber Jschlatt has faced multiple calls for cancelation over the past few months. While some allege that the Minecraft star is a racist, others have made absurd claims against the internet personality.

The criticism has so far gone that people are unironically using Jschlatt as a trigger warning. The following are some of the absurd claims hounding the YouTuber in recent times.

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People want Jschlatt canceled for the strangest reasons.

The 21-year-old YouTuber is commonly known for his Minecraft and video gaming content. In recent weeks, people have been rallying to have Jschlatt canceled over concerns of racism, transphobia, and other factors.

While most of these claims are unfounded, some have descended into the absurd, with a trigger warning labeled Jschlatt.

Many of the claims about racism come from a satirical piece where he plays a character that has rubbed people the wrong way. People are claiming that using the character as a guise to spout toxic views is unacceptable.

While one side campaigns for his removal, the entire movement is a point of ridicule for the creator's supporters. With little to no evidence to back them up, the absurdity of the claims was a point of ridicule on Twitter. People are now satirizing the 'cancel Jschlatt' movement.

Jschlatt continues to be a controversial figure in the online community and turbulent times on social media seem to follow the star. He recently narrowly lost to Corpse Husband for a spot on a billboard in Times Square.

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