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Ultimate Glory: War of Kings - Gameplay Tips on How to Build a Strong Castle Faster


Ultimate Glory: War of Kings
Ultimate Glory: War of Kings

Ultimate Glory: War of Kings is a real-time strategy MMO game. The game was originally made for Android but like other Android games, War of Kings can be played on PC through Facebook. Explore magical lands, build your empire and rule the multiplayer Kingdom by capturing the Empire City.

The game's versatility is a great attraction. You can play the game as RPG without focusing on the multiplayer side or you can use your diplomacy in the multiplayer communities and rise as a great king using the RPG campaign just to grind resources and experience.

However, to survive in the multiplayer world you need strength. Diplomacy is a big part of the game as the servers are controlled by the players itself. Whichever clan wins the Empire battle and captures the city rules the server, the leader of the clan is chosen as the new king until the next empire battle and the new king lays out the new rules. While in some server attacking a cluster of castles from the same clan is prohibited, some servers don't allow players to attack other players when they are collecting resources. If you break the rules chances are you will be attacked and destroyed by the ruling clan, as a result, you will run out of your resources, your lord will be executed and you can imagine getting stuck in the same level for next few weeks. This makes the game really interesting as players use the diplomacy to survive, you can make peace with powerful clans or you can join one to stay protected. Here are a few things that you need to know to grow faster and powerful in the game.

#1 Protect Yourself

Battle of Heroes
Battle of Heroes

This is a very simple and common point. Protect yourself so you can grow fast but what are the ways to protect yourself? You can use shields to stay protected but in that case, you will not be able to attack anyone else either. When a castle gets attacked the only thing it loses is the primary resource and the troops, the wounded troops can be healed but they require a lot of resources.

So here is how you can protect your resources and troops -

  1. Use your resources as much as you can and don't leave them piled up.
  2. Never use the bag of resources if you don't need them Only use the amount you need and keep the rest of the bags unopened as bags cannot be stolen by attacking but if you open the bag and add the resource to your main resource pile it will be vulnerable to attacks.
  3. Send your troops and lord to refuge when the troops are not collecting resources. Troops and lord cannot be attacked or captured if they are inside the Refuge.
  4. Send your remaining troops to allied castle who has their shield on. It is foolish to use 10 shields for 10 castle in the same cluster of a clan. Send your remaining troops to the shielded castle as reinforcement. Since the shielded castle can't be attacked your troops will remain safe.

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