Valorant fan believes Neon "will not become the meta", community disagrees

Riot Games buffs Neon
Riot Games buffs Neon (Image via Riot Games)

The new update for Valorant will soon be upon us and several community members are talking about the Neon buffs. Everyone is eagerly waiting for Riot Games to drop this massive update and the theories and hot takes have already started floating on Reddit.

One Reddit user who goes by u/Dokkancents has posted their thoughts on how Neon would be falling out of the meta following the update. Although they make some valid points and try to justify the same, the vast majority of the community seems to disagree with their take on things.

One of the many users to have commented under this post was u/Snacky--Chan, who made a statement on how the Neon changes are actually for the better, and they raise some good points.

A main point in u/Dokkancents' argument was that Neons often get traded pretty easily. However, u/Snacky--Chan has definitely pointed out how that might not be as big of a deal.

Comment byu/Dokkancents from discussion inVALORANT

Neon often gets compared to other duelists like Jett and Raze and that is exactly what u/El_Desu has added to the conversation. They clearly point out where and when Neon could potentially have an edge over Jett and Raze, while also addressing the viability of other duelists that the changes might encourage.

Comment byu/Dokkancents from discussion inVALORANT

When all is said and done, Neon mains in general are happy with the upcoming changes. That excitement is obvious in comments like the one by u/LORDtulen. The OP has even responded to this comment positively, showcasing how inclusive and open the conversations in the Valorant community can be.

However, some like u/Kojiro_hyuga1 are still justifiably worried about the new changes and what it could mean to the ecosystem of Valorant.

Neon mains are happy regardless (Image via Reddit)
Neon mains are happy regardless (Image via Reddit)

What the Update could spell for Neon mains

Neon has always been one of the more exciting agents to play in Valorant. Her unique abilities have garnered quite the fanbase over the years. Players who enjoy zooming around the map and sliding into action will always have a soft corner towards her.

What Valorant has planned for Neon in the coming update will surely have its fair share of admirers and haters. But we can count on the fact that Riot Games will take time to carefully balance the pros and cons. They do like to change things up every once in a while and more often than not, it does pay off - and all we can do now is wait till the 11th of June.

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