Dota 2 News: VGJ.Storm Fires Back at Valve on Being Penalized in The International Main Event

Rounak "FL45H666" Roy

Shots are being fired everywhere. This is The International, the biggest E-sports tournament in the world with the largest prize pools. Controversy is always a part of the tournament and this year is no different. Previously Valve posted their statement about VGJ.Storm using more than one coach in drafting phase against rules and handed them a level 2 drafting penalty on their next game. In addition to that Valve also said they will not be allowed to have a coach during their first Main Event game.

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VGJ.Storm team director Jack “KBBQ” Chen responded to Valve about being penalized in the first game. As he said, The International 8 doesn’t have any proper set of rules at all and they did take permission from the staffs who gave them the permission to use two coaches and nobody stopped them either.

This is what Chen said in response to Valve’s statement and decision to penalize VGJ.Storm,

“Regarding the coach situation: we were not sure if two coaches would be allowed during the draft. There’s no ruleset where this is written, there are no rules in general beyond format. Because we were uncertain about it, we asked a PGL admin, who checked with a higher-up. Before telling us it was okay as long as they left the room after the draft. At no point did we conceal this and at no point did any other admin, referee or staff tell us this was not permitted until this morning”

VGJ.Storm is one of those teams that surprised everyone with their performance and success in the group stage as before. When The International started they were not a clear favourite to win this TI but all of sudden now they are. They earned the Winner’s Bracket place with 12:4 score with 5 wins 2 draws and only 1 lose. Right after the Group Stage was over, Valve announced the penalty addressing the incident.

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