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Video game news: Amazon may be getting into the game streaming business

Published Jan 15, 2019
Jan 15, 2019 IST

Amazon holds a 32% share of the cloud computing business. That
Amazon holds a 32% share of the cloud computing business. That's a lot.

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone - after all, what business haven't they poked their head into yet? - but, it looks as if Amazon is about to get into the game streaming business. (H/T The Washington Post)

According to a report by The Information (which is just such an amazing name for a news website that I'm literally angry that I didn't think of it first), the online retailer-turned-potential planetary overlord wants to use its ridiculously large collection of server and cloud computing to bring high-end gaming to anyone with a screen. Simply put, the computing is done on Amazon's end and they simply stream (thus the name) the image to a web browser, app, or whatever.

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It's not exactly a new idea - Sony's been doing it for a while now with their PlayStation Now service (to mixed results - and that's if we're being generous), and both Microsoft and Google have been making advancements into the technology as well. It's been commonly referred to as "Netflix for games", something even the ubiquitous streaming service themselves have been tinkering with. Google's foray into the business - Project Stream - gave testers a free copy of Assassin's Creed Odyssey in exchange for trying out the service.

What gives Amazon a leg up on the others, however, is their obscene about of web servers and cloud computing (Amazon Web Services have a hold of 32% of the global cloud computing market) they have access to. Of course, it takes more than just servers to make a streaming service a success, but it's a major component. Microsoft seems to think it's a major part of the future of gaming if the rumours about their "Project Scarlett" streaming hardware are to be believed.

If the stories of Amazon's gaming ambitions are true, we can probably expect to see the service roll out sometime next year.

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