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Video game news: Anthem's early access available early next year

Mohit Pradhan
56   //    08 Dec 2018, 16:16 IST

Anthem's story and other details were reveled at the game awards
Anthem's story and other details
were reveled
at the game awards

Anthem has been the talk of the town for a while and something exciting came up during the Game Awards show. The game's early access and other details were announced and fans have been excited ever since.

Bioware, known for their Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, are making their first online RPG and it has created quite a stir. Anthem is a third-person shooter set in far distant future where humans have taken shelter on a new planet protected by a force-field. the player takes control of freelancers who are tasked to protect their new home. The freelancers wear a special exoskeleton suit called javelins, somewhat similar to Iron Man suit. These soldiers have to venture beyond their confines to carry out dangerous missions.

Even before the release, the open-world RPG title has won more than 90 awards, one being one of the most anticipated games for the upcoming year and it continues to receive positive feedback from the fans. Gamers cannot wait to get their hands on the early access.

As per EA's official website, the demo will have two launch dates. The early one being 'VIP' tier for EA and Origin subscribers (Jan 25-27) and another Open demo (Feb1-3) which all players can access through registration on the EA website. Those who've already pre-ordered the game can also play the early demo.

During the panel, developers cleared up the rumors that this won't be a technical test, but a playable version of the game. But the size of the demo version still remains unknown. It was also revealed that there will be a number of tests between the official early access. The details for this are yet to come out.

Anthem will hit the stores for Windows, Xbox, and PS4 on February 22.