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Video game news: Bungie and Activision part ways

112   //    11 Jan 2019, 04:33 IST

Bungie carries what's left of Destiny away from the wreckage after Activision RUINED IT! Ok, that's a bit dramatic...
Bungie carries what's left of Destiny away from the wreckage after Activision RUINED IT! Ok, that's a bit dramatic...

After eight years, the publishing deal that brought us two Destiny titles and multiple expansions has ended. In a joint statement, Bungie and Activision announced their partnership is ending, with Bungie maintaining the publishing rights to the Destiny franchise.

On their end, Bungie has stated that both companies are hard at work to make the transition as seamless as possible, with the process already in the "early stages." That includes support on BattleNet, which Blizzard Customer Service has stated that players can still expect full support for Destiny 2 on their servers and that no disruption to service or gameplay is anticipated.

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Bungie and Activision entered into their partnership in April of 2010 in what was originally a 10-year deal. During that time, Bungie remained - and still remains - an independent studio, just as they were when they split from Microsoft in 2007 after years of developing Halo titles for their Xbox consoles.

Now with the rights in their hands, Bungie has no been thrust into the role of publisher as well as a developer. "We know self-publishing won’t be easy," they mention in their statement, "there’s still much for us to learn as we grow as an independent, global studio."

At the moment, that task essentially revolves around updates for Destiny 2: Forsaken and its new seasonal update format as well as what they claim are "some exciting announcements about what lies beyond."

The real challenge as a publisher will come one they attempt to release a new stand-alone title - which more than likely would be Destiny 3. Just our own personal thoughts here, but chances are that, much like Destiny 2, the third game in the series will probably be set for next-gen formats - especially with plenty of content to be created for their current title.

As for Activision, the publisher is planning on focusing on their own existing IPs - they currently own Blizzard, which puts out one or two games you may have heard of - and there's also no reason why they couldn't work together with Bungie again in the future.