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Video Game News: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive free to play on PC and Mac; adds Battle Royale mode

622   //    07 Dec 2018, 07:13 IST

Highway FROM the Danger Zone!
Highway FROM the Danger Zone!

The iconic 6-year old online shooter has finally gone free to play. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is officially free on both PC and Mac.

If you aren't familiar with CS: GO, it's a massive multiplayer online shooter, pitting two teams against each other. Terrorists will attempt to either plant a bomb or defend hostages they've captured, while the Counter-Terrorists attempt to defuse the bomb or rescue said hostages.

There are also some other unique game mods, such as Wingman, Demolition, and Arms Race, a mode where you or someone on your team must kill an enemy with the golden knife. In order to do this, you must kill multiple enemies, with your weapon changing each time you earn two kills.

CS: GO hit the professional competition scene back in 2013. Since then, it's become one of the leading eSports in gaming, even receiving coverage on TBS starting in 2016. The game's popularity continues to rise, and now that it's gone free to play, it looks to jump into the "Battle Royale" field.

It was revealed on that CS: GO would be adding a new mode called "Danger Zone." This battle royale game mode features sixteen-eighteen players at a time. In this new mode, players will attempt to avoid the Danger Zone by using tablets to help them see where it is or where it's heading in the map.

The tablet also reveals your opponents' positions, gives you a path to help you avoid the Danger Zone, and tracks any deliveries you may be receiving with the money you've collected. Upgrading your tablet allows you to track your opponents' deliveries as well, giving you a perfect opportunity to set up an ambush.

To see more on the upcoming game mode, check out the official website.

Will you be playing CS: GO now that it's free? If you've already been playing, how do you feel about the game bringing in a bevy of new players? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to stick to Sportskeeda for all of your gaming news!