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Video Game News: Discord Store Is Allowing Game Publishers to Take A Record 90% For Their Games

  • More competition for Steam and Epic Games Store.
Gautam Nath
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 20:24 IST

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With the recent launch of Epic Games Store, where Epic is taking 12% and 88% of the profits go to the game developer. Steam is still the highest of them all, where Steam takes as much as 30% and gives 70% of sales to developers.

Discord has recently tweeted that game developers can now self publish their games on the Discord Store for a return of a whopping 90%! This is more than any other game publisher has allowed. Discord has said they only need 10% to cover their operational costs and technology upgrades.

This is a pretty big threat to distributors such as Steam. Although Steam is still the big boy among distributors, with years of distribution experience and presence, developers may seriously reconsider where they publish their games. While it is possible for developers to publish on Steam, Epic Games and Discord to get a larger share, we don't know what the rules will be and if distributors will have an issue with that.

On Steam, you need to pay a deposit fee, a publishing fee of $100 while also giving away 30% of the sales to Valve. Discord is only a four-year-old product but has been an extremely influential product in the gaming industry.

Discord started out just as a voice chat system, a more user-friendly version of other competitors at the time such as TeamSpeak or Ventrilo. They started a premium service called Nitro at first. At $9.99/month or $99/year, you can get access to all of Nitro's premium features such as animated emojis, enhanced storage space, more chat features and free games. At $4.99/month or $49/year, you get the same but without the games.

The Discord Store is also an integrated library of all your games, even if you have purchased them from other launchers. What will the future of distribution be with this high level of competition that emerged in less than only a month?

Published 15 Dec 2018, 04:28 IST
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