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Video Game News: P.T. fan remake free on PC

Greg Bush
390   //    09 Jan 2019, 08:38 IST

The 2-hour demo that terrified millions of gamers has returned thanks to a fan remake
The 2-hour demo that terrified millions of gamers has returned thanks to a fan remake

P.T. was one of the most genuinely horrifying experiences that gamers dealt with back in 2014. Konami fans who were eagerly awaiting the next installment of Silent Hill were pleasantly surprised when this "Playable Teaser" was released on the PlayStation Store, and it caused hundreds of players to record themselves being scared to death by the psychologically horrifying experience.

However, what was worse than the nightmares induced by P.T. was the sudden cancellation of the Silent Hills project. Silent Hills was supposed to be the next installment in the series and would feature Norman Reedus, who would portray the protagonist of the game.

Even though the demo was downloaded well over a million times, and winning awards for horror games even though it was just a demo, differences between Konami and Hideo Kojima would end production of the game.

Up until now, the only way for anyone to play P.T. would be if they still owned a PS4 with it installed, or if they bought a PS4 with it already on the system. However, that problem may have been solved.

A fan remake of P.T. titled "Unreal P.T." was released by Radius Gordello, and is now available on PC. Not only is it a near perfect remake of the game, but it's also completely free. PC gamers never really had a chance to dive into the terrifying world of P.T. when it was first released, as it was exclusive to the PlayStation 4. Now, though, a whole new audience is able to experience it for the first time.

Get ready to see more lets plays over the next few months because P.T. is back.

If you'd like to download the game, you can click here.

Did you play P.T. when it first came out? If not, are you planning on trying out Unreal P.T.? Let us know in the comments below.