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Video game news: Warframe - become a space Ninja

Mohit Pradhan
215   //    06 Dec 2018, 16:48 IST

The new gorgeous expansion Fortuna features hoverboards and space battles
The new gorgeous expansion Fortuna features hoverboards and space battles

Free-to-play games have always been a hot topic among gamers. They always tend to get on the bad side of the audience for repetitive gameplay and micro-transactions. But there are a few gems among the F2P category that are worth your time. Warframe is a third person shooter co-op game which is based in an ever expanding universe.

The player takes the control of an primordial race of warriors called Tenno in far future, who have been put to cryogenic sleep for a century. You wake up to find that the Solar system has been ravaged by war between various alien factions who seek to control the system. Now it's the Tenno's job to stop this carnage and restore peace.

As Tenno, you have the power to wield technologically enhanced armors called 'Warframes' which grants the wearer special abilities. And being of an ancient warrior race who were know for their mobility you can jump and glide effortlessly.

The missions in the game are based around shooters and stealth elements, after each mission the players are awarded with in-game currency and items. most of the missions can be played with a 4-member teams and players can also forms groups called 'clans'.

For a F2P game, it looks drop-dead gorgeous like any Triple-A title and the developers Digital Extremes are always working with the player-base to improve their ever growing game universe. Warframe community is extremely friendly and are always welcoming and helping the newcomers.

Their latest expansion titled 'Fortuna', takes the game experience further. It features an open world like area on planet Venus. Where you can glide around on hover-boards and fight newer factions of alien races. Their new game mode called 'Railjack' will feature outer space ship battles against the alien ships, though this game mode is still in development. Now is a great time get into Warframe and start grinding!