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Video Games News: Jesus Strikes Back - Judgement Day Gives You A Chance To Become Hitler, Jesus Christ And Kill Politicians 

Flying Jesus
Flying Jesus
Modified 16 Dec 2018, 22:15 IST

 Have you ever met trolls while playing online multiplayer? I bet you have. Not the angry raging toxic tomatoes, I am talking about trolls here. Trolling has always been a part of multiplayer online games. People who want to do something for fun, something that is not smart or not planned yet fun. They don’t care if their fun ruins your game as long as they can have fun. There is no possible way to avoid them but what if we create something, an entire game where trolling is the only aim.

About the Game

If you are a troll, your dreams might have just come true. Jesus Strike Back: Judgement Day is a game where you play as historical characters, like Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin even as Jesus Christ. The game’s website clearly states and mentions that this game is not suitable for kids. Alright, they did not say that but you look at the website and the content inside, I’m sure you will agree with me. The game is for a mature audience only. If you wanted to troll around running and gunning, hanging feminists and killing social-workers this is your game.

Even though it seems that the game is trying to spread violence, the game is actually focused on some very deep and ironic morals of the current society. Be it religion or be it the sensitive new generation. The game is all about reimagining the world through sarcasm and very, very dark humor.


This is simply a running and gunning game that was created to offend people. I am not against the fact that it will hurt a lot of people’s sentiment but in the gaming industry, this is a very controversial take on a game. The game offers you a bunch of characters like Vladimir Putin, Adolf Hitler, Jesus Christ, even Donald Trump and you get to run-and-gun and raise chaos in their shoes.

Apparently, the game allows you to be any character you want to be and fight against the LGBTQ community, Feminist, terrorists, immigrants or even politicians. Do whatever you need to do to survive in the shoes of Jesus Christ or Adolf Hitler.

The graphics look fine, even though the game is still under development and not released yet. The game is scheduled to launch after 46 more days, which means early 2019.


Follow SportsKeeda for more update on the game and other games you love. I will soon pop up with the storyline and characters of the game.

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Published 16 Dec 2018, 22:15 IST
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