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Video: Lionel Messi demolishes Cristiano Ronaldo in WWE 2K17

Not something Cristiano Ronaldo fans would want to see. For Lionel Messi fans, Christmas certainly came early.

News 14 Mar 2017, 13:13 IST

Football and professional wrestling are two of the most popular sports in the world. What happens when you have footballers wrestling or professional wrestlers playing football?

Of course, that is the fantasy that will never be fulfilled. Except, in the world of video games.

As we all know, EA Sports FIFA franchise and 2K Sports WWE series are amongst the highest selling video game franchises over the years. Now, with the immense creativity offered by WWE 2K17, it is possible to have fights between almost anyone on this planet.

Here, a gamer has decided to fulfil every football and pro wrestling fans dream – to have two of the best footballers of the current generation fight it out in the ring. Using the customise options, this gamer has created the models of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and touted the two against each other in an Elimination Chamber match.

We can see in the video, Messi in his number 10 Barcelona jersey take on Ronaldo, who is wearing his trademark number 7 Real Madrid jersey.

Messi is always one step ahead of Ronaldo in the fight as he successfully manages to land an AJ Styles-esque Pele Kick. Ronaldo tries to evade Messi’s onslaught by clambering out of the ring only to return to take yet another Pele Kick.

The commentator can be heard saying, “There is no getting up from that.”

However, the fight continues as Messi shows no signs of mercy. He keeps on kicking Ronaldo, who is by now on his knees and follows it up with another Pele Kick as soon as the Portuguese forward manages to stand up.

The Argentine taunts his opponent, who is visibly writhing in pain and then proceeds to land another perfect Pele Kick! It can be seen that Ronaldo is bleeding from his forehead. The innumerable Pele Kicks seem to have caused the bleeding.

Then Messi tries to pin his rival but the rope comes to Ronaldo’s rescue. But it is becoming obvious with each passing second that Ronaldo is almost finished. It is then that Messi decides to end things by hitting his opponent with a very well executed Hurricanrana and holding him down for the three-count.

Yes, Messi does come out as the winner in this case. However, in real life, if there ever is a fight between the two, it would be safe to assume that it might not end on a similar note.

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