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Villager Esports Competitive League Day 7 highlights and results

  • A recap of all the matches that were played on Day 7 of VE Competitive League
Modified 12 Mar 2020, 17:16 IST

points table for Day 7
points table for Day 7

Villager Esports Competitive League Day 7 has ended, and it was full of action-packed games. Five games in total were played on Day 7, and we had five different Chicken Dinner winners. The league is not only delivering the highest level of competition, but it is also becoming a great platform for teams to showcase their talent before the PMPL starts. Here is a rundown of Day 7 of the league-

Day 7

Game 1

The flight path for the first game which was being played in Erangel went from Gatka to Hospital. SynerGE and Leg Stump made it to the final circle, where both teams used their smoke grenades to distract each other. However, Leg Stump members took some damage from the blue zone, and this was enough for SynerGE to finish the game. SynerGE won the game followed by Leg Stump at second and U Mumba Esports at third.

Game 2

The second match was played in the deserts of Miramar. An early fight broke out between SouL and Leg Stump, where SouL triumphed. It was a 1v1 fight between Orange Rock’s Mavi and SouL’s Sangwan for the Chicken Dinner, where OR’s Mavi eventually won the game for his team.

Game 3

A centralized flight path meant that all the teams were easily able to reach their preferred drop locations. In the end, Megastars with all four members remaining, easily won the Chicken Dinner. They had outrageous 17 kills in the game, and Celtz tried to stop them in their tracks but were unable to do so.

Game 4

Game 4 of the day commenced on the unpredctibleVikendi and the flight path stretched from Cosmodrome to Vihar. Team Instinct secured the first kill of the game after taking down Kronten from GodL. Celtz once again made it to the final zone but this time around they won the game with massive 17 kills in their bag. Leg Stump who had been consistent throughout the day secured the second position while Marcos Gaming took the third position.


Game 5

Most teams were aggressive in their approach throughout the day and this was again visible in the final game of the day. The flight path for the game was pretty central, and it went over Stalbar. VSG Crawlers finally won their first Chicken Dinner of the day after the defeated Team Insane in a 4v1 situation.

Published 12 Mar 2020, 17:16 IST
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