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Villager Esports League Day 8 highlights and results

  • A complete rundown of Day 8 of VE Competitive League and all the matches that were played in it
Modified 14 Mar 2020, 17:31 IST

Overall standings at the end of Day 8
Overall standings at the end of Day 8

Villager Esports Competitive League’s Day 8 has concluded, and we saw five action-packed games. Since the tournament date for PMPL has been shifted, VE Competitive League has become for top tier teams to practice and showcase their talent. Here is a rundown of Day 8 of the league-

Day wise winners so far
Day wise winners so far

Day 8

Game 1

The first game for the day was played in Erangel, and the flight path for it went from Quarry to Severny. Entity Gaming, which recently partnered with TSM, and is now called TSM Entity, faced VSG Crawlers towards the end of the game and Entity, being one of the best in the country was easily able to take down its opponent. TSM Entity managed to secure 19 kills in the game, the highest so far by any team in the tournament

Game 2

The flight path for the second went over El Pozo, and it covered most of the priority drop locations. VSG Crawler’s Roach eliminates Vampire from Orange Rock to secure the first kill of the game. It was a showdown between Fnatic and SynerGE, where SynerGE triumphed as they claimed their first Chicken Dinner of the day. GodLike has an impressive performance as well as the team finished third with 13 kills to its name.

Game 3

Game 3 commenced on Erangel and the first flight path went from Mylta Power to Severny. The final circle saw a 2v4 between VSG Crawler and 8 bit where 8 bit won the Chicken Dinner with a total of 9 kills. VSG Crawler finished second, whereas Revenge finished third.

Game 4


Once again the first zone in Game 4, which was being played in Erangel, formed in a very unpredictable spot. It was a strong duel between U Mumba Esports and Fnatic at the end where UME played brilliantly to split Fnatic members and then picked them off one-by-one. UME won the game followed by Fnatic at second and 8 bit at third.

Game 5

The final game of the day was played in Erangel for which the flight path stretched from Primorsk to Severny. ElementriX who had a quiet day so far made into the final zone along with Team Tamilas. Elementrix’s Sagar with the help of an exceptional grenade, knocked out one member of Team Tamilas, and the rest of his team followed to eliminate the remaining member of Team Tamilas. Elementrix won their first Chicken Dinner of the day, whereas Team Tamilas finished second.

Top Fraggers
Top Fraggers
Published 14 Mar 2020, 17:31 IST
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