Virtual Bundesliga International Series: 17-Year-Old Saransh Jain Wins the Indian Leg

Saransh Jain
Saransh Jain

17-year-old Pro FIFA player Saransh Jain, recently, won the Virtual Bundesliga Indian Leg at Kolkata.

This is what Saransh had to say after his victory:

I participated in the Delhi and Bangalore qualifiers but lost them both and was pretty down but after this I practiced hard and won the Mumbai qualifier and qualified for the Grand finale. The games in Kolkata were really close and we could feel the pressure and intensity of the matches as it was being watched by everyone over the country. In the end I had luck on my side and was able to clutch the semis as well as finals. I'm now going to be representing India in Germany, this won't be my first International tournament so I'm well prepared and experienced. It's an incredible opportunity and hope to do well.

Saransh started playing FIFA professionally from November 2017 and have been playing on a high level since. He has won 4 National titles so far and also performed well in the online realm as well as doing well in FUT, getting Elite 1 finishes constantly and finishing in the top 20-30 in the Region (Asia Africa Australia). He then got the chance to represent India internationally twice last year and is heading to Germany to do it once again.

Saransh Jain with Rannvijay
Saransh Jain with Rannvijay

The Virtual Bundesliga International Series qualifiers were recently held in India in the month of April. Players from all over the country participated in the qualifiers held in Bangalore Delhi Mumbai and Kolkata. The virtual bundesliga was associated with AFGC, the winner of each qualifier qualified for the grand finale in Kolkata. This event was Live streamed on Hotstar and received a great response, it had the presence of Rannvijay Singh Sinha. The players played in a single elimination in a double legged format. The winner gets a chance to represent India in Germany, this was arguably the biggest tournament in India till date. This was certainly the dream of every player, to go to Germany and play for India. Players travelled from city to city participating in the qualifiers.

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