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Warface: Things you need to know

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Have you played Warface yet? It doesn't really matter. There are things you need to know about Warface even if you are a veteran Warface player or maybe someone who is just trying to figure this game out.

Is Warface a Pay to Play game? NO. Warface is a free-to-play game that has the traits of a pay-to-win game.

Warface is not a completely pay-to-win game, but if you do want to spend some money on berries you will get the juice. Warface is a greatly balanced game; I say this because its pay-to-win side might keep you ahead of the curve, but its free-to-play side will make sure other players can catch up to you.

I will explain that later in the article. Let’s get started on the basics for now.

About the game

Warface is a free-to-play MMO First Person Shooter game. This action-packed ride is another product from the creators of Farcry and Crysis.

The game has multiple modes, packed with cooperative and competitive action. You can customize your character and role, from the four different roles that are offered – Assaulter, Sniper, Medic or Engineer.

You can choose any of the roles and customize your inventory. Every role has different weapon options, different armor options and different gameplay on the battlefield.

After reaching the Rank 20, you can take part in the Ranked games. Until then, you can enjoy the cooperative missions.

The game has a practice mission for new players. This has has easy, normal and hard missions. You have to play and unlock more missions as you progress in the game.


The weapon and armor shop is regularly updated. You can either save your in-game currency and buy or rent weapons, or you can skip that part and use your credit card to get your hands on some exclusive weapons.

Warface: Cooperative missions
Warface: Cooperative missions

Story Driven PvE Mode

The game has story driven PvE mode where you join four other players and complete your mission. You might have to protect a VIP car through the city filled with the Blackwood army, or you may just jump in for a Hit-and-Run mission.

The Warface universe is divided into two wings: Warface or the counter-terrorists, and Blackwood – a powerful organization of the underworld with their own army. Your job is to join other players in the cooperative mode to help the Warface team complete their mission.

The games will reward you with XP, in-game currency and VP. You can also earn crowns – crowns are a different in-game currency that you can use to mostly rent high-grade weapon or armor.

The higher the difficulty level is, the more crown, currency, XP, and VP you earn for completing the mission. However, your crown earnings are dependent mostly on the Kill Score and Time Score.

Beside the regularly updated easy, normal and hard missions, there are other story-driven special operations that you can play with your teammates. You will have to spend your in-game coin to jump in those missions, but they do come with a much better reward system.

Warface: Female Sniper Skin

PVP Mode, Battle Royale, and Ranked Match

There are multiple PvP modes, and one of them is the Warface Battle Royale. This is like any other battle royale game; your objective is to kill and not be killed. Stay alive until the very end to be the winner.

The PvP games will reward you with more XP, but the PvP mode is not suggested for new players. Get your hands dirty on the PvE missions first.

Ranked matches will be locked until you reach level 20.

The presence of over 9 different PVP modes and 50+ maps makes it harder for everyone to get a grip on the maps.

Warface Special Operation: Anubis

Weapons and Armor

Remember I said it’s a perfectly balanced game between free-to-play and pay-to-win? The reason I call it pay-to-win is because you can only buy certain items using the “Kredits”, which you can only buy using your money. These items look better, but more importantly, they do give you a significant in-game advantage.

Here is one quick tip: when you shop for your gear, never go by their looks. Every piece of gear - each helmet, each vest or each shoe - has its own stats. Click on the item and you can read what they do.

There are only a few top-notch items that you can buy with the in-game currency; the rest of the available weapons and vests are not that good. However, a lot depends on your playing style. The items might not be as good as a paid gun, but they do get the job done.

All you need to do is be patient and find out the hidden weapons, guns, shoes, vests, gloves you can buy with the in-game currency, which will also work fine with your playing style. You alone know if you want protection from flashbangs or you want more head protection.

It is the same with weapons; you have to choose your play style first and then decide what you want to buy.

That's one thing I really love about Warface: the strategy part. It’s not just a game where you jump in shooting everyone everywhere. You actually need to spend time recognizing your play style, how you want to play and most importantly, what you want to do on the battlefield.

Select a role and now choose your armory according to your plans.