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Watch Dogs Legion: Everything You Need to Know about Ubisoft's most Ambitious Game till Date

14 Jun 2019, 15:30 IST

Watch Dogs Legion
Watch Dogs Legion

E3 2019 came and went like a whirlwind but left us with some jaw-dropping announcements that have shifted the tides from underneath our feet. One of such big and ambitious announcement was none other than the third entry in Ubisoft's popular hacker crime drama series-Watch Dogs: Legion.

Ubisoft started off their E3 2019 showcase with a lengthy 17 minutes gameplay footage of Watch Dogs Legion, showing different aspects of the game world, it's beautiful post-Brexit London setting which is flourishing with neon colours and futuristic gadgets and vehicles, but most importantly it's NPC's.

Without any further due, let's just get into four things that you absolutely need to know about Watch Dogs Legion:-


Watch Dogs Legion
Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion is set in a near future post-Brexit London setting which is drop dead gorgeous take on the city, and is littered with tiny details everywhere. It features all the famous landmarks from the real life London such as the Big Ben, Camden Market, New Scotland yard and many more.

The 45 minutes gameplay demo which was provided to the E3 atteendess to try for themselves featured missions centered around two of the above location.

Camden Market- one of London's finest crafts and antique's is now overrun by terriost organizations and serves as a black market. One of the mission which was featured in the gameplay demo took place in this area as the player character was flying around sitting on a drone while taking out enemies from afar.

The London in Watch Dogs Legion seems to have a more colourful flavour than the real life London. Grafitis can be found all around the world, the game seems to have a special emphasise on it's art design this time. Tatoo shops littered with holographic projection indicates very well that we are in a futuristic London.

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