Watch: Shroud shares his thoughts on 'Among Us'

Image Credits: Screen Rant
Image Credits: Screen Rant
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Modified 07 Sep 2020

In case you didn't know, 'Among Us' is a science fiction online multiplayer game set on a spacecraft. It involves a group of crew members who have 'imposters' in their midst. They need to complete the tasks scattered around the spaceship, and correctly identify the imposter.

The imposter(s), on the other hand, is supposed to sabotage the ship and kill everybody. And notable YouTuber and streamer Shroud has only recently started playing this murder-mystery title.

Among Us is developed by Innersloth, and the Android and iOS versions were released in June 2018. The PC release followed in August 2018. Initially, this title only had one map, called 'The Skeid'. However, two new maps were subsequently released in 2019: Mira HQ, set on a space base, and Polus, which is on a planet.

Of late, Shroud has been playing this game quite diligently, although he might not be as prolific at it as he is in some other games. In the video below, you can see him trying his hand out at being the 'imposter', and well, it does not work out.

However, in another video that he has posted since, the internet star bared his thoughts on this game.

Watch: Shroud bares his thoughts on 'Among Us'

In the video, the streamer can be seen playing a match as a regular crew member, as he runs around struggling to complete the many tasks. Apart from a lack of practice, he explains that he likes to hold back and keep an eye on other players to figure out who the imposter is.

As the first round gets over, one of the imposters gets caught. To catch the him/her, the crew members vote on who they think acted fishy throughout the round. The person who receives the most votes goes out. In this case, Shroud's team was able to catch the first imposter, who was fellow Twitch streamer Adapt.

Image Credits: ShroudyRowdy, YouTube
Image Credits: ShroudyRowdy, YouTube

According to Shroud, she has a 'tell', which is that she quickly places the blame on others when she is the imposter. He further explains that he had picked it up when the two were imposters together. Regardless, they are unable to find the second imposter and end up losing the game.

After the match, Shroud explains to his viewers that he hasn't quite begun to differentiate the challenges on their difficulty levels, and therefore needs more practice!

You can watch the entire clip below:

Published 07 Sep 2020
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