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DOTA 2 News: Watch what happened when a Pro TI winning team played against the Open AI

Open AI vs OG
Open AI vs OG
Modified 19 Apr 2019, 16:11 IST

If you remember Open AI from the previous The International then you also remember how badly Open AI was destroying the renowned "professional players". The Bot did not only destroyed Professional players like RTZ it also destroyed renowned mid players in a 1 v 1 mid match up. Ever thought Dendi will give up against a bot or Sumail and RTZ will lose against a bot multiple times? Well to be precise, the bot beat Sumail and RTZ in 1 v1 mid by a very big margin, 6-0 and 10-0. If you have watched those youtube videos then you know it REALLY HAPPENED!

Open AI was a project based on AI, the makers believed AI can learn the most complicated MOBA ever created - Dota2, on its own. They also said it will not only learn but also become better than human skill level. Yeah, apparently Skynet is real bois.

The company worked 4 years on the AI and as a result, it managed to beat the pros in the 1v1 matchup but can they play as a team? Can they communicate and synergize their plays as humans can? They tried. Well, I remember they won the first match but after that humans were able to beat them, not just any human team - the best professional teams. They promised to come back stronger and they did.

TI winner team OG recently played against the Open AI team OpenAI Five. It was a 3 match series which OpenAI won. Yes, no joke. The recent TI winner lost first 2 matches against the TI winner pro team and OG managed to win the third game of the series, however, they had already lost the series. Open AI won the first game in 40 minutes, the second game they finished in 20 minutes. Imagine if this was a knockout tournament, N0tail leaving the stage with teary eyes while OpenAI Five dancing on the stage - Oh wait, they can't. Here's the Game 2 for you to watch.

The only disadvantage the bots have the moment is they are unable to do longterm planning. The bots plans shortterm strategy and works on them one after one. Another disadavantage is that they don't learn between games, like humans can. They only learn as long as they are playing. On that note, everyday Open AI learns the game data that is worth 180 years. Yeah, talking fast learners? there you go.

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Published 19 Apr 2019, 16:11 IST
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