What is Alinity really like-off camera? 

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Natalia Mogollon, aka Alinity Divine, is a popular name in the Twitch streaming circuit, with 1.2 million followers on the platform. She can often be found streaming games and interacting with fans online.

Throughout her streaming career, she has found herself embroiled in a plethora of controversies. From throwing her cat to wardrobe malfunctions, the Colombia-born star has experienced her fair share of criticism.

Alinity's persona has been deemed problematic due to her proclivity for controversy, with even PETA calling her out in the past:

While that issue may be resolved, for now, the question is, what exactly makes Alinity Divine the person people love to hate? She recently even expressed how she deals with internet hate in an interview with Harvard-trained psychiatrist, Dr. K.

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Alinity speaks about internet hate


Alinity is known to feature her pets in streams, which is completely fine, but it is her manner of treating them that has often proved to be her undoing. Due to her 'mistreatment' of her pets, the 32-year-old's actions have also caught the eye of popular actor and comedian Ricky Gervais, who was vocal in his disapproval:

While this was last year, recently, she was banned from Twitch for a wardrobe malfunction. Alinity took to Twitter to announce that she had been temporarily suspended:

In light of all her controversies, she recently spoke to Dr. K, of HealthyGamerGG, about her journey so far and how she deals with persistent internet hate.

Speaking about her central issues, she said:

"I'm bipolar, I've been diagnosed for like four years and I've struggled with mental health issues my whole life... I also had an eating disorder when I was 14."

While addressing online and toxic haters, she added:

"I was able to separate myself from the hate in a way in which they're not hating me but this idea of who they think I am... you have to be sick in order to get pleasure of telling a person to kill themselves every day. You have to understand that I became, like, the punching bag of the internet."

After going on to discuss several other issues, Dr. K gave his assessment, stating:

"Here's what I think is pretty respectable, the first is that you're trying to be different... I recognize that you've done some things wrong and you're trying to change... I find it hard to believe that the legions of people that are hating on you wake up everyday and try to become better, while you are trying to better yourself."

Alinity's interview gave some valuable insight into understanding her complex psyche, which provided some clarity on the person behind the persona.

Irrespective of her misdeeds, the persistent hate directed at her is not commendable, as it normalizes the internet as a breeding ground for toxicityy.

While Alinity continues to be the internet's problem child, a large section believes that mental health, in general, needs to be taken more seriously. This would help facilitate a more inclusive environment for streamers online.

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You can watch the videos below, which highlight Alinity and her controversies:



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