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What If the Nintendo Play Station was actually released?


Sony and Nintendo
Sony and Nintendo's Play Station prototype

Hey everybody, and welcome to Sportskeeda Esport's latest weekly feature: "What If?"

As an entertainment medium, video games have had a relatively short but eventful history. What started out as a goofy side project in a laboratory on an oscilloscope has become the most profitable form of entertainment in the world. Over the years, companies have risen and then fallen and then risen again, not unlike some of the great companies in both American and World history.

As with any history topic, questions can arise - how certain events, if played out differently, would have changed how the rest of the history unfolds. It's known as the "Butterfly Effect" - if a butterfly flaps is wings in Brazil, Ashton Kutcher makes a terrible movie in America. Or something like that.

Sony is pretty much the biggest name in console gaming right now - so much so that it's basically the tentpole of their entire company. And understandably so - it's their biggest revenue producer. It'd not like they're really making TVs or laptop computers anymore. Kinf of a shame... those laptops were pretty dope. Sorry, getting off track.

Nintendo, on the other hand, is certainly still successful but they're no longer the market leading juggernaut they were in the 1980s and 90s. Of course, they rocked the business big time with the Wii, it become one of the best selling video game consoles of all time. Even the Switch is flying off the shelves - despite the fact that it barely has any big name third party support. Microsoft is also out there, too, but they're not involved with this scenario so we don't give a darn.

But, at one point, the two almost joined forces - and if they had, gaming could, and most likely would, be looking a lot different than it does now. So, what happened? And how would it look today if that were the case.

Well, that's what we're here to examine today. But first, in the words of Cody from AlternateHistoryHub, some context...

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