What is the Infected Status Effect in Dead by Daylight?

Image via Behaviour Interactive
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Status Effects in Dead by Daylight are a game mechanic which delivers certain nerfs and buffs to players, whether Killer or survivor.

There are over a dozen different Status Effects in Dead by Daylight. They all play a part in the overall game flow, making it easier or harder to accomplish the objective of surviving or killing.


The Infected Status is one of many negative effects that put survivors in a bit of a bind. Once infected, survivors can spread that infection to other survivors and even objects on the map.

The Infected Status Effect in Dead by Daylight

Image via Behaviour Interactive
Image via Behaviour Interactive

If a survivor stays Infected for long enough without being cleansed, they receive the Broken Status Effect. This prevents them from healing fully as long as they remain Broken.

Infected can only be healed by a survivor cleansing themselves at a fountain in Dead by Daylight. Also, this Status Effect can only be applied by a Killer known as The Plague.

The Plague is part of the Demise of the Faithful Chapter. She is absolutely terrifying with the backstory of infection and the disappearance of her body. That is why Infected belongs to her.

With her Power, Vile Purge, The Plague can cause any survivor in Dead by Daylight to be Infected. Using this power unleashes a stream of infectious bile, almost like vomit.

Any survivor that is hit with this stream of bile becomes infected. If a survivor's infection indicator is completely full, they will begin to randomly vomit, causing a delay in their movement.

This also causes them to become injured and, as previously mentioned, eventually gain the Broken Status Effect. Pool of Devotion is the only way to remove infection in Dead by Daylight.

Once that is done, other players are barred from using that Pool, and The Plague can consume the corruption left by the once infected survivor. This powers up Vile Purge into Corrupt Purge, making her attack even more damaging.