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What is MVP in PUBG Mobile?

Become the
Become the 'MVP' of your team (Image Courtesy: Pinterest)
Modified 09 Jun 2020, 17:39 IST

PUBG Mobile is a game which is loved millions of people across the globe as it offers some kind of escape from the mundane world.

In the game, a hundred people fight for survival on an island and the last person/team standing emerges as the winner. Sounds exciting? Then go give it a try, if you have not already!

You can play PUBG Mobile in three modes: solo, duo and squad. If you have played in the duo mode or the squad mode, you must have noticed yourself or a team member getting the title of MVP after a match.

So, what is an MVP in PUBG Mobile?

'MVP' in PUBG Mobile

Be the best player in your team (Image Courtesy: Imgur)
Be the best player in your team (Image Courtesy: Imgur)

MVP is an acronym which stands for the Most Valuable Player. PUBG Mobile basically picks out the best-performing player from a team- duo or squad- and awards him/her with the title.

A common misconception is that you will be handed the MVP title if you have the most number of kills. However, the recipient of the title is determined by the overall performance of a player and not just the number of persons he/she has killed.

Apart from the number of kills, there are other factors which influence a player to become an MVP in PUBG Mobile. These include the amount of damage inflicted upon the enemy and how long the player survived. Apart from these, health restoration, the number of revives and the quality of supplies that you possess also influence the MVP ranking.


Tips to become an MVP in PUBG Mobile

If you are itching to become an MVP in PUBG Mobile, then utilise the following tips:

  • While many people advise players to play aggressively, it is better not to do so as it increases their chances of getting killed. Try to play defensively as survival time also matters.
  • Coordinate with your teammate/teammates. Help them when they need you instead of just rushing for kills.
  • Use a good assault rifle and go for headshots. It ensures that you have more damage. So, even if you don’t have enough kills in the match but have assisted in many other kills, you still have the chance to become the MVP.
Published 09 Jun 2020, 17:39 IST
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