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What are NRG Clix's Fortnite Settings and Keybinds in 2020?

Image via NRG Esports
Image via NRG Esports
Joey Carr
Modified 28 Sep 2020

There are always ways you can up your game in Fortnite, no matter how many seasons are released by Epic Games. Whether this means switching your keybinds or adjusting your settings, chances are you're missing out on an opportunity to improve. If you're looking to get better at Fortnite and want to change up some settings, who better to learn from than one of the most players in the world, Cody "Clix" Conrod of NRG.

Consistently on of the top streamers on Twitch for Fortnite, Clix is well-known for his mechanics and insane building speeds. Today, we'll be going over his settings and keybinds so you can see exactly how he stays on top of the Fortnite world.

Clix's Fortnite Settings and Keybinds


In terms of Settings, this is mainly going over the graphical preferences Clix uses. Like a lot of other professional players, Clix opts for lower-end settings to maximize FPS and performance in-game.

  • Window Mode Fullscreen
  • Resolution 1920×1080 16:9
  • Frame rate limit 240 FPS
  • Brightness 90%
  • User Interface Contrast 1x
  • Color Blind Mode Off
  • Color Blind Strength 0
  • 3D Resolution 100%
  • View Distance Medium
  • Shadows Off
  • Anti-Aliasing Off
  • Textures Low
  • Effects Low
  • Post Processing Low
  • Vsync Off
  • Motion Blur Off
  • Show FPS On
  • Multithreaded Rendering On
  • HUD Scale 96%
Image via Misfits Gaming
Image via Misfits Gaming

If you're looking to copy these Fortnite settings, don't expect a graphical masterpiece on screen. However, you can expect more FPS.



For some players, keybinds are the most important aspect in Fortnite. After all, they're how you play the game itself. Clix implements a wide variety of common keybinds but does throw in some uncommon ones. So if you're looking to copy these, be on the lookout for that.

  • Use E
  • Jump Space Bar
  • Reload/Rotate R
  • Sprint Default
  • Crouch C
  • Repair/Upgrade H
  • Harvesting Tool 1
  • Weapon Slot 1 2
  • Weapon Slot 2 3
  • Weapon Slot 3 4
  • Weapon Slot 4 5
  • Weapon Slot 5 6
  • Building Slot 1 (Wall) F
  • Building Slot 2 (Floor) X
  • Building Slot 3 (Stairs) Q
  • Building Slot 4 (Roof) V
  • Trap T
  • Edit on Release Off
  • Building Edit G / Mouse Wheel Down
  • Building Reset Right Click / Mouse Wheel Down
  • Inventory I
  • Map Tab / M
  • Auto Run Mouse Button 4
  • Push to Talk Y
  • Ping / Place Marker U
Published 28 Sep 2020, 08:33 IST
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