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Who is Corpse Husband and why is he blowing up on the internet?

(Image Credits: Corpse Husband)
(Image Credits: Corpse Husband)
Tee Kay
Modified 28 Oct 2020, 22:21 IST

Corpse Husband is an American Youtuber, who has gained a massive burst of fame after his stints on collaboration streams with the likes of PewDiePie and LilyPichu. Corpse Husband, having started his social media career in 2015, gradually developed a follower count owing to his deep and unique-voiced horror stories.

With more than 3.59 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel, Corpse Husband also has a separate channel for his gaming videos (3 videos of Among Us) with a subscriber count of over 594,000.

Corpse Husband has no plans of revealing his face

With almost 30 million views combined on 3 videos of him playing Among Us, Corpse Husband has become an absolute sensation on the internet, especially with the added aura of mystery around his real identity.

With collaboration streams with big-name streamers such as Disguised Toast, PewDiePie and Valkyrae in the bag, Corpse Husband has become a highly trending name on the internet. However, the American Streamer has made it quite clear that he intends on holding on to his hidden identity for the time being.

In an interview with Anthony Padilla, Husband admitted that the motivation behind keeping his identity unknown is fuelled by his desire to make his story-telling sound even more mysterious.


When he started off as a horror story narrator, Corpse Husband had little idea about the internet fame that awaited him. He set off with the mission of making his horror stories more interesting, and the fact that they come from a faceless source have helped on that regard.

Apart from that, Corpse Husband has also admitted to the fact that there are no images of him present on the internet, and that fans and followers should not be wasting their time searching for something of that sort.

A recent tweet from Corpse Husband has also suggested that he has no intentions of revealing his identity, even to the celebrities. His tweet from 11th October read,

"My favorite thing about blowing up quick is every verified massive artist with millions of followers DM’ing me on Instagram saying they love me and stuff so much and then unsending and unfollowing me in 2 days when I don’t reply.”

Corpse Husband also went on to reveal to Anthony Padilla, that he has no social life since,

"I just come off as sketchy to everybody"
"I can't answer simple questions"

He also confirmed that no one in his life is aware about his online personality. Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2019, Corpse Husband lost his voice as well as feeling in both arms.

This was followed by the revelation that his mother was diagnosed with cancer. In one his streams from May 2019, Corpse Husband revealed,

"My mom had cancer and we don't really talk much. She had had it for a bit. I had a double arm brace in my bed, not able to talk to anybody, not able to move, and I just find that out and it really like set me off. I didn’t know what to do."

After this, the streamer tried a few home remedies, followed by physiotherapy, to facilitate his recovery, as his mother started her cancer treatment. As of this moment, Corpse Husband is doing fine, and his mother is absolutely healthy and free from cancer.

Published 28 Oct 2020, 22:21 IST
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